With Bynum injured the C's frontcourt depth could play a vital role the rest of this series.


The lack of LA front court depth (especially since it appears Bynum is limited in this series and probably the rest of the way) is something that the C's must try to exploit as we enter the final 3 games of the series.

LA is thin up front with just a 3 man rotation of Gasol, Bynum and Odom and that rotation is most likely fatigued compared to Bostons front court due to this lack of depth .

IF Bynum is limited the rest of this series as it appears he will be due to his knee injury, LA will be even more thinner and fatigued the rest of this series since Gasol and Odom would probably have to play more minutes.

Since the C's have a fairly rested, solid 4 man big man rotation of KG, Perk, Baby and Rasheed they clearly have a advantage in the front court .

The C's though need to utilize this advantage by doing the following in these remaining games.

1st ) They must play very aggressive defense and smother the Laker front line with good clean physical defense.

A perfect example is the way Rasheed has been playing Gasol  with a very aggressive and non relenting defense.

If all the C's bigs can play such strong defense this will not only disrupt LA's offense, but it will also tire them out since they will have to cope with a physical 4 man big man Boston rotation being thrown at them.

2nd) The C's bigs must also be very aggressive on offense (ala Baby in game 4) and take it to the hoop to try to get the LA bigs in foul trouble.

Imagine if Gasol gets in foul trouble and Bynum is limited...LA will then be left with just (gulp) Odom up front which would spell disaster for LA.

LA is already thin up front already (even with Bynum playing) and getting the LA bigs in foul trouble is a smart game plan to make them even more thinner and vulnerable...this would be even more true if Bynum can not play full minutes.

3rd) The C's bigs should also try to run the Lakers bigs as much as possible and  put as much pressure on them as possible since the LA front line is tired and in the case of Bynum also injured .

The last thing Bynum will want to do is run up and down the court (ala the Suns series) and the C's should not do him any favors and slow down the game.

Gasol is expending alot of energy since he is playing alot of minutes and has to bang with the C's strong front court rotations being thrown at him. He must be fatigued also so the C's should not do him any favors either by slowing the game down.

Again the C's with their front court depth and strong 4 man rotation have a advantage against LA's thinner more fatigued front line and for this reason they must try to put the LA front court on the ropes.

If they can it just may be the key to winning the series.

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