Game 6: The Saddest Cut of All

Speaking personally now, I find this game 6 that just ended both the saddest thing I’ve ever seen from the Celtics... and something that is ultimately good (for me).

It is simply not possible – knowing these guys as we do – that the Celtics came out with the kind of almost-TOTALLY ABSENT energy, commitment and urgency we saw from them in game 6. We saw this team in game 5. We heard them talking thereafter. No human being, with human emotions, goes from THAT level of energy and commitment, to what we saw tonight. It’s just not reasonably possible.

Therefore, I must come to the final, saddest conclusion of all. That these games have been fixed. Not completely – game 5 was real enough, for example, because it didn’t matter who won. (So long as the OTHER team won the next one.)

Before tonight, I wrote that it was possible that the fix was in, and that you couldn't dismiss that possibility. Now, I’m beyond that. Now for me it’s a virtual certainty. There is simply no other reasonable explanation for the unfathomable play we saw from our guys in this game.

I could go into the details – the endless missed layups and dunks, the lackadaisical, careless defense, and the strange, unnatural CALM with which they played SO badly – but really, anyone watching that game must have seen it all too.

Some will argue, no doubt. Some will say "You’re nuts. You always see conspiracies. Etc., etc." But history shows that I am not nuts. My record is as good as records come. No... this time, it is going to be the people who DENY the obvious – the fix – that will be putting their heads in the sand.

How did it happen? Who’s responsible? I don’t know. There are many possibilities. They range from the league office being involved, to people within the Celtics and Lakers organizations, to both, to even other entities being involved. Did Wyc sit down with Doc, Rondo, Paul and who-knows-who-else and say: "Hey guys, we’ve got to lose game 6, because if we don’t get a game 7, we’ll be out XX millions of dollars, and so will the NBA, and we’ll all go broke and you’ll be out of a job?" Did Stern make some calls? Are the television networks involved? Gambling figures? Who the hell knows. It’s some combination of the above, most likely.

But the FACT that the fix is in to extend this to 7 games is something of which I am now CONVINCED. Not 100%, but damn close to it.

And this is very sad news. To think this series has been fixed is a shot through the heart for me, on some very real level.

But on another, even more personal level, I’m glad. Because there’s no doubt that these Celtics have become an obsession for me. Now, FINALLY... I know I am cured.

There is no way that I can now continue following and caring so much about the Celtics or the NBA. Not after this series. It’s over. I’m cured. How can anyone care about something so obviously manipulated? Manipulated for maximum profitability. It’s impossible. For me, anyway.

So... these will be my last few posts. I’m outta here after this series.

It has been great fun... no question about it. I still believe that what the Cs did this season was real. I’m sure of that, and always will be. And it was great.

But they succumbed in the end to the financial realities. Of that I am also sure. And I can’t really blame them, truth be told. I probably would have done the same thing. I mean... there’s basketball, and then there’s the real world. With THAT much money at stake – their whole lives, and those of their families too at stake – how can you blame them for playing along? I can’t.

But neither can I get emotionally involved in their little show, their scams. That’s too much to expect too.

I had hoped that the Celtics' struggles and triumphs were pure, something noble and excellent in an otherwise screwed-up world. I was wrong about that. (Not completely. But they are far from pure.)

So that’s it.

Reality sets in.

It is what it is.

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