My ideas for offseason...not as "jump off the ship" as others...

I have absolutely no clue if Doc Rivers is going to come back or not...but I feel very confident in saying that he is a primary reason why we even made it to where we did. Honestly, all the power to him if he takes a few years off for his family, he deserves it. Doc outcoached Phil Jackson throughout the series and coached magnificently throughout the playoffs. That being said, here's how our offseason plays out...

Whether Rivers is coach next year, or whether McHale comes in...or whether an unexpected candidate comes in, we won't know for quite awhile. However, there isn't much about this team I see changing. I do not want to pay Ray Allen this "4 year, 15 million" deal that mysteriously came up....I also don't believe that is what he is actually looking for. If someone can find confirmation of that, I will gladly admit my mistake. I would love to see Ray back, but for no more than 10 million...any extention between 8 and 10 million for next year would be fine in my book.

We can use our MLE again next year, but the free agent pool will be limited to who we can use that for. I would love Michael Redd on this team...I know he is injury prone...but if he is willing to play a Rasheed Wallace role off the bench, it would be the perfect MLE deal. Even a Udonis Haslem or a Julian Wright i'd be comfortable with.

I see a good amount of re-signings with this team next year. I believe either Nate or Marquis will be back, depending on who Doc (or whoever is coaching) feels more confident in. I also believe either Sheldon or Scal will be back (with a heavy lean towards Sheldon, he sucked in the playoffs but is a young talent). Without a doubt, I believe Tony Allen deserved a contract after this season (even though I've been against him since day one).

We lose two of the aforementioned four players...if we lose Ray, we use the MLE on a full 5.whatever million towards a Redd type player (i know he will be demanding more) or if we keep Ray, we use the MLE towards a Julian Wright type player...

This leaves us to the draft to fill out our roster. Danny Ainge knows talent in the draft, you can't deny that. Players he has drafted have blossomed throughout the league, and have just been in poor positions while playing for the old Celtics teams. This 19th pick needs to be a huge pick...and I wouldn't have a problem with us trading slightly up either. But we need someone who can provide energy off the bench and can eat more rookies like Giddens and Walker who won't see court time. The major change in this team next year will be the youth we select in this first round.

Makeshift roster...

PG Rondo, Nate

SG Ray(?) TA

SF Pierce, Redd (?) or Wright (?), Marquis

PF Garnett, Big Baby, Rasheed

C Perkins, Sheldon


Plug in 2 rookies...maybe even Gaffney or LaFayette makes the roster again...but we can only sign one player under the MLE if need be, so we can't change too much, and I don't see a major trade in the works. I think it is time for Big Baby and TA to prove they handle a boatload of minutes next season.

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