off season.

first- its been a fun up and down season. NO ONE thought they would get  past the eastern confrence. nice job to the players and coaches. good luck thibs. if doc goes thanks for '08, and developing rondo, perk and davis. congrats to the lakers on a win...


but here is my offseason does and dont does. 

i think the rotation of 9 return... perk, rondo, kg, pp, ray, sheed, baby, ta, nate after that if they want to resign scal  (just for the fans) fine. BUT not for 4 mil again.  AND THATS IT!.. i read the sheed may retire, if he does thank you for showing up when it counted in the finals, you played great even with the injuries. nate has to resign to a reasonable price. so does ray. the rest of the team...  

daniels- if he isnt going to play at all in the playoffs then why be here! thanks, see you later, good luck.

 sheldon- you filled in when nicely when davis was out, you were a good team first player, BUT you are not really in the future plans. thanks watch your wife play, good luck.

 finley- honestly it is time to hang them up.

oliver- sorry, havent seen enough of you. but i'll have to say your out also. 

my use of the last 5 spots are easy. use the 5 other spots on young players thru the draft!! use both our picks (19th, 52nd) and try to pry one away from memphis (they have 3 1st rnd picks)  minnesota  (has 3 in round 1 and 3 in rnd 2.) okc (2 rnd 1, 1 rnd 2).. the round 2 picks would be easier to get obviously. if danny can get okc's 32nd pick, minnesota's 45th pick it would be perfect. here's why. the players being picked would be really inexpensive for the next year or two. and in that time pierce's contract will be up. kg's will end. most likely ray's (new one) will also meaning only perk, rondo, davis and most likely TA and nate's will still be on the books. so they would have the player they pick in the 1st rnd (19th- i see a big. with perks knee blown it seems more likely now then before) and three second round picks.1 wing player and two bpa's (best player available)

19th pick- solomon alabi

32 (okc)- stanley robinson

45(minn)- manny harris

52- dexter pittman.

(if they can land another pick in the 1st round james anderson would be a great fitas would lance stephenson, if either are available at memphis' 28th pick. i'd be ok with getting that some how)

 they add depth and height.

stanley is a great deffender and tall 6'9, can jump to the top of the boards and will be a great fit next to rondo.. 

harris can play the 2 or run the point if needed. and is a ray type player has the size and skill. i watched ray in college, manny harris has the ability to play like ray, just needs to continue developing that shot. 

alabi is 7-1 a shot blocker, i veiw him as a mutombo like player. gives them a legit shot blocking player that makes gaurds think before they drive..

pittman is a perk clone. hopefully he can continue to develope also. (i'd love to see the practice with those two going at it.)

so they would have the same rotation that got them 1 quarter from another ring. plus 4 young high upside players to push them in the regular season. push TA to get better. push davis to get better. they will rebound better. block shots more. 

pg- Rondo. Nate.

sg- Ray. TA. Manny Harris

sf- PP. Stanley Robinson

pf- KG, Davis, Pittman

c- Perk, Sheed, Alabi.

if sheed retires then they have the mle. and try to get a vet (wing or bigger.) and for my money mike miller is a good fit. he can shoot 3's like and has size.also forces PP to play better. 

so, improve thru the draft!! get young players ready to play. (robinson, harris, pittman can play right away if they get the plays, alabi is a year away most likely)!!!! rebuild while playing to win. the last 5 spots dont mean anything after the playoffs start! do not over spend on boarder line to old, not effective players. and. sorry eddie house you cant return either

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