Draft Primer: Point Guards

The Draft Primer on Big Men was pretty popular so here we go with another position: Point Guards

Nate Robinson had his moments but I'm not sure he's in the team's long term plans.  If the Celtics want to give Rondo an understudy, they could take a flier on one of two point guards getting some pretty good print lately.  Here's Chad Ford's take on the duo that could go in the high teens or might just slip down to where we'll be picking.

NBA Draft 2010: ESPN

For teams looking for a point guard, the debate is really between Bradley and Bledsoe. Both players are freshmen and didn't have huge years. Bradley is a superior scorer and has good size for the position. Bledsoe is more of a true point guard and sees the floor better. Both are considered raw and unproven, but they have tremendous athletic ability and upside. Both have been working out against each other in virtually every city before Bradley injured his ankle in Oklahoma City. The real question for both players will come down to one spot in the lottery -- the Raptors at 13. While I've been hearing for weeks now that Bradley has the edge on Bledsoe, I had a trusted source tell me over the weekend that it may be Bledsoe who gets the nod in Toronto.

See some DraftExpress quotes after the break.

DraftExpress: Eric Bledsoe

There’s no denying the physical gifts that Bledsoe possesses. He has a solid frame and a long wingspan with an impressive physique for a 19 year old, looking quite a bit more physically developed than his age would suggest. His quickness and athleticism are off the charts as he’s shown the ability to get down the court in a hurry and also finish around the basket with flair and creativity. Being part of a team however stacked with talent, Bledsoe’s role was a rather simple one and thus his talents were never fully displayed in a true capacity, which could very well have been to his advantage. Playing off the likes of John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins and Patrick Patterson, Bledsoe didn’t have the chance to be anything other than a complimentary player, spending most of his time as a spot up shooter - which accounted for 35% of his offense. At only 6-1, Bledsoe will surely have to be a point guard at the next level, which is a position we rarely saw him play this season, and which he struggled at badly whenever he did.

DraftExpress: Avery Bradley

Bradley is a somewhat unique prospect in that there really isn’t anyone in the NBA with his skill set, and there are questions about how easily he’ll be able to find a niche. The majority of undersized pure 2’s in the NBA are versatile scorers that can consistently create their own shot, while Bradley on the other hand is a more selective shooter who isn’t adept at getting to the rim, though is also an outstanding defender.

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