rudy gay's availabilty

ok. i see alot of get rudy requests from some people...

rudy gay is a restricted free agent.. meaning if he decides to take less money and play with boston, the grizz can match the money and he'd stay in memphis. (if my understanding of the rule is correct)

the only way rudy leaves is if a team throws more money at rudy than memphis wants to spend on him.

OR a trade!

 i think the trade is a better idea. and could be worked out. here is how-  if sheed is going to retire. trade his rights, a sign and trade with daniels and the 19th pick for rudy and the 28th pick..

memphis gets a veteran replacement that can replace rudy right away in daniels. money off the books with sheed. and moving up in the draft. which they can either package again in another trade or use on an orton, alabi type player. the celtics can then use that pick (28th) on rondo's back court mate of the future.. and use the 52nd pick on a big. this allows the c's to resign ray.. resign TA.  and use the mle. either a vet big or a shooter off the bench..  giving them the same starting 5. and a faster more productive bench.

so..  daniels, sheed's retiring contract + 19th pick for rudy gay and 28th pick

use pick 28- pondexter, stephenson..

but i cant see all of that happening.. i think the best idea the c's can have an actually have a chance to do is buying picks. alot of teams are trying to move down or out of the draft and just resign and sign players in free agency..  so if they can buy some picks, 32 & 45 would make sense! then try to use the 19th pick and either move up or down. i think the down is more likely. unless they get a top 6 pick it doesnt make sense to move up. cousins, monroe, wall, turner, favors, johnson are the clear top players... so offer the nets the 19th pick for the 31st pick and 1st round next year.

use pick 31 and 32 on-. stephenson, ebanks, dominque jones, pondexter, lawal, robinson

buy pick 45- willie warren, manny harris

pick 52- pittman, zoubek, jerome jordan, caracter, sharon collins, andy rautins, scheyer. (a senoir player who is mature enough to step right in and push the veterans)

so the last 4-5 players would be 'future' players. rondo, ray,pp,kg, perk still start. TA, gay, davis and mle on a big. are the bench 

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