lets compare players and asses. and make a trade!!!!

avery bradley vs jon wall.. and sheed!


-very quick

-long arms

-good mid range

-lock down deffender

-terrific first step

-big time leaper

-wiry strong


-decent mid range

-very quick first step

-explosive leaping ability

-freakish athlete

-solid passer, can be creative

-great rebounder

-flies up and down the court.

-great size for his position


ok to me those are very simular and if avery can learn to play the point he'll also have good size and strength.. both had big time hype coming into college, but coach barnes didnt use avery to his strengths like wall was use at kentucky. Avery has a better mid range game. wall might be a half second quicker at getting to the rim.. Avery will also have a better PG in rondo to teach him how to use his quickness, and long arms on D. and how to use those to get his Offense going. wall will have gilbert arenas showing him.. Avery will have a former nba PG showing him how to run a team. Wall has a good coach but never a nba player that doc was. wall HAS to save that franchise. Avery just needs to play D first and let the rest happen. Avery is going to a team with an all star PG, hall of fame PF, hall of fame SG, hall of fame SF. Young talent in davis, perk. Wall gets a team with young players who have been questioned if they want to be good. Blatch is good but not every night.

WALL was the 1st pick- big time money, big time pressure, has to preform right away, be the face of the franchise. doesnt play well the team may lose.

BRADLEY was the 19th pick- little pressure, doesnt need to be the star rookie, just play good D dont worry about the offense, we have our franchise faces and players. be a team player arole player first.

 My point is this was the best possible player the celtics could have gotten in the range they were in. they didnt have to trade away anyone or anything that could hurt them in years to come. bradley and rondo together may hurt the celtics with the size. but put so much pressure on the other teams backcourt. rondo will also be more rested going into the playoffs.

they also dont need to spend money on nate, bradley is taller and better on D. and could be just as good on offense.

more money to help get some veteran bigs.

the next step is to trade sheeds contract for a vet. if he is going to retire use that contract and money!!!  some players who they could trade straight up for sheed for -

-cj miles, utah dumps more money..

-ryan gomes, portland gets cap space after sheed retires also a last home coming back to portland.

-greg oden, portland rids itself of the issue of what will greg oden become boston has 2 years to decide and hope.

-shane battier, houston play its young players. in ariza, buddinger, martin, brooks, lowry and can bring back yao, scola.

-corey brewer and ryan hollins, minnesota gets cap space and starts wesley johnson.

-charlie villanueva, detroit clears cap space and plays jerebko and cousins. boston gets size and offense off the bench.

-delonte west and leon powe, cleveland doesnt want to have issues getting lebron back, west isnt helping that. a return home for leon and delonte.


all of these situations work out as rasheed for ---- when you just look at the money part..

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