"Why can't we be like the Lakers?"

Being the #1 Celtic fan, why can't we fight "fire with fire" with our nemesis?  

I mean, if they are so shrewd, smart, creative, & bold (albeit greedy & cheatful) in acquiring GREAT players, why can't we do the same?

I can't believe there's no sense of urgency with our C's especially now that LA is only 1 banner behind us & are poised for a dynasty while our window is closing-in fast.

Adding Brad Miller, another old guy who's near retirement, won't help us at all especially with our aging core! 

What we need to do is to use our best asset to our advantage & that is - go after the top free agents who wants to win now! 

Of course, everybody knows that our C's ( inspite of the aged core) is still the best team to go to in order to win a ring because no other team is good enough to beat LA not even Cleveland or Orlando.

The Cavs may have swept LA this past season but the playoffs is a totally different beast, only Boston has a chance against LA!

And so we have to use our attractiveness to our advantage because there are some top free agents who are willing to take lesser money for a chance to finally win.  

What the C's should do is talk to the Cap [Pierce] & ask him if he is amenable to contract re-structuring whereby he'll get paid $6 mil./yr. till he's 38 or 39.  

In short, he will cough-up $15 mil. next year which will enable us to aquire a top free agent this July.

Of course, Pierce will no longer be good by 37 or 38 but the last 2 years of the contract is where he gets compensated for the sacrifice he'll make now to better the team.

Without a doubt, Paul is such a team player who always desire & aspire to win (the very essence of what a Celtic is all about!) that he will surely be amenable to this.  

Now add Sheed's  $6 mil. (since he's retiring), then the C's have $21 mil. available!

We can then go after the best free agent available who will turn down $25 - $30 mil. from other teams for a chance to finally win that elusive ring which LA now monopolizes.  

It's like, if LA always lands the best player available, then we need to stop being complacent & fight "fire with fire!"  

Indeed, if LA's ingenuity over the last 3 decade is what allowed them to nearly tie us & threatens to leave us behind, then it's about time we become smart & shrewd too!

But we don't stop here, we then go after Melo when he becomes a free agent next year.


"Going after Melo, is that possible?"

Well, Melo is not biting the huge contract extension offer by the Nuggets because he also wants to win!

The $21 mil./yr. offer from the Nuggets doesn't faze him because he knows that his team will not get better with an aging Billups & K-Mart.

If the 2011-2012 season gets cancelled due to the impending collective bargaining fiasco, then we really can go after Melo on 2012-2013 since KG's huge contract is finished by then.  

We can then sign 36 year old KG to MLE because he will still be servicable by then - & we do need him!

But if the 2011-2012 season is salvaged like the 1999 season, then the free agents will sign for just that salvaged year, then still become a free agent at season's end thereby giving us a great opportunity to go after Melo who also badly wants to win.

Now that's how "Celtic-Land, Celtic Nation" should think.  

Think BIG & BOLD just as to how the Lakers does all the time.  That's how LA has been successful over the years while we had that +20 year drought  since we became complacent & un-imaginative.

But the only way Melo will come to us is if we continue to be a championship caliber team.  Hence, we really need to go after a top free agent this coming July.  Does LeBron ring a bell?  

For sure, LA will also make a run for Melo since they NEVER stops & NEVER rest in their quest to obtain the best players.   (Melo will be Kobe's successor a few years from now.)  

However, the Lakers will be in a bind for the next 2-3  years due to the big, guaranteed contracts of Gasol, Kobe, Bynum, Odom, Artest, & Walton's +$6 mil.

This year then is our chance to be like our nemesis & go after the best player available.

But everything starts with our Cap, we have to ask him to sacrifice for now for the betterment of the team.


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