"Is this idea possible?"

In my previous blog titled "Why can't we be like the Lakers?,"  I sincerely appreciate the responses regarding free agency, the cap space, luxury tax, "over 36" provision, & etc.   Now I see the terrible bind our C's are in.

But Boston have this one special attractiveness that no other team has & that is - a chance to win now (albeit multiple rings!) thereby increasing  a top free agent's profile, marketability around the globe, & overall money-making ala MJ & Kobe. 

And so, Boston's really attractive to someone like LeBron who wants to become bigger & more profitable than MJ or Kobe, ONLY WINNING will do that because no matter how good LBJ really is, if he doesn't win now & more down the road, then he'll never be like MJ or Kobe nor rake up tons of money possibly to a billion!    

And inspite of all the negative things said about LBJ & praises for Kobe as currently the best player, if these 2 guys trade places, LBJ then instantly wins in LA earning him all the praises while Kobe will be demonized for not winning like how LBJ was!

Bottom line: Kobe just happened to have better teammates surrounding him that his greatness is even more amplified.  

In retrospect, Kobe missing a lot of shots in Game 7 would've been like LBJ's failure against Boston only the difference is - Kobe has a much superior supporting cast & that's why they won.  Kobe's teammates then is what prevented him from getting criticized BIGTIME like how LBJ got it. 

But put LeBron with the Celtics next year & rest assure, they will beat LA thereby amplifying LBJ's true greatness.

In other words, LBJ & Kobe are really EQUALS, Kobe just have better teammates enabling him to win a lot of rings.


But anyway, here's the idea to better our C's:

With Sheed's retirement, the C's payroll decreased to $57 mil. which is slightly over the cap.

If Paul agrees to contract re-structuring to help better the team (say, $10 mil./yr. for 5 years), he then coughs-up $11 mil. which Boston can use as a start-up to obtain LBJ yet Paul will get all his money back on the 5th year whereby he will be 37 - aged & barely playing but still gets paid $10 mil. + 1 more possible ring!

Boston then can offer $10 mil. to LBJ for this year (it gets them to $56 mil.), another $10 mil. next year thereby keeping them near $56 mil., then drastically increases to $27-30 mil./yr. starting 2012 when KG's contract expires. 

We then re-sign 36 year old KG (who will still be decent in 2012) to the MLE to keep us competetive.

Paying LBJ $27-30 mil. starting 2012 will compensate for the 1st two years of being underpaid with only $10 mil.

Now Is this possible?  Or is there an NBA free agency rule that will not allow that?  The idea of "pay little now" then pay lump sums in later years?

And with the collective bargaining next year, it will be wise for LeBron to lock-up $27-30 mil./year for say, 5 yrs. starting 2012 because for sure, the max contract after the collective bargaining will be smaller.

Now some will say: LBJ can do that or even better (that is, get paid $30 mil./yr. right-away) in Cleveland, Chicago, or somewhere else instead of waiting till 2012.

But he will not win against LA with the current Cavs team nor a revamp Bulls team or Miami, Clippers, NJ, NY, & etc.

Only Boston is the closest team to match LA because even if our Big 3 are aging, they still have 3-4 years left of good basketball while our youngsters especially Rondo & Perk, will be decent for years to come!   (TA is a solid defender while the new kid Bradley looks promising.)

This is the kind of team then that's best for LeBron, if he does wants to reach MJ & Kobe's level.   

For sure, this is in the back of LBJ's mind.  

Should he sign for $30 mil./yr. with any of the teams below the cap but won't stand a chance against LA for years to come (till Kobe retires at 37 or 38) thereby preventing him from reaching MJ's & Kobe's global marketing appeal & profitability,  

Or will he go to a team with the best chance of winning for years to come thereby elevating his status & money-making ability to that of MJ & Kobe?

$30 mil./yr. for 5-7 years in Cleveland, Chicago, & etc. is indeed a lot of money but winning perenially in Boston will actually bring him more money in the long run & PRESTIGE in Kobe & MJ's level.

As the old saying goes; "Winning is not everything, it's THE ONLY THING!"  (Just ask Mike & Kobe.)

Overall, Boston have what LBJ wants & vice versa, as LBJ is the only top free agent who can make Boston win multiple banners in years to come against an invincible LA team.    

Indeed, it's only LBJ (or perhaps Melo) who can do it for Boston, not Bosh, Amare, Dirk, Joe Johnson, & etc.  

Wade is the other only player but he is entrenched in Miami.

Let's go Boston, let's go for LeBron if this plan is possible (pay little now but lump sums later on).  For sure, LBJ will be amenable to this because as he says all the time, winning now & continuously is the most important factor for his eventual decision.




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