"Will the trio of Shaq, T-Mac, & AI help us?"

If Danny & ownership really wants to get that 18th, 19th, & maybe, even the 20th banner, these guys migt help!

After all, these 3 "oldies" does have some basketball left in them, they might be great addition to us for the MLE. (Perhaps, AI is worth a shot for say, $1 - 1.5 million non-guaranteed.)


"The case for Shaq"

If LBJ leaves Cleveland, then we have a good chance of getting Shaq since he still wants to win 1-2 more rings & that he have great respect for "Mr. Russell."

LA, on the other hand, will not even bother to invite Shaq back.

Also, he wont' get playing time in LA unlike in Boston where he will play a major role now that Perk's out indefinitely.

Shaq & KG at the same floor, on the same team will be a riot!

Also, Shaq will inspire Perk all the more since Shaq is his idol.

Shaq & Perk on the same floor (while KG rest) will be pure terror.

Heck, all 3 can play at the same time since KG's so versatile!

Overall, Shaq alone will be a big help to us in neutralizing LA's biggies as evidenced by his 2 good games v. LA last year as well as his outstanding series versus Boston.  Simply put, the guy can still play!

The just-concluded championship did show that LA's bigs are better than ours.

And with Sheed now gone, we really can use Shaq & Brad Miller, to some degrees.


"The case for T-Mac"

T-Mac on the other hand will provide great relief to the aging Ray-Ray & Pierce who indubitably will need more rest time next year.

T-Mac's only 31 yet still wants to prove a lot - & you can tell that with his offensive game upon returning from the injury, the guy's hungry!

Now that's a very deep bench!

Might as well go after Eddie House too since we need more deadly 3-point shooters to spread the floor like back in 2008.

And even if Ray & Pierce are having a bad offensive game (remember Ray's struggle which is what killed us?), it will be great to have T-Mac & AI off the bench!

And eventhough they are all aged, there's no way in the world that all 4 will have a bad offensive game all at the same time.

Now, if 3 out of 4 does have a bad game, we still have a great chance to win with that 1 hot guy playing alongside Shaq, KG, Perk, & Rondo.


"In summary"

What awesome firepower to have yet Boston is perhaps the most attractive team for them since all the other teams with cap room only talks about the top free agents while these "old guys" are totally neglected.

That, perhaps, will be enough of a motivating factor come 2011.

And Boston is indeed the best team for these hungry guys to go to since we're the closest team that can beat LA!

Danny, Doc, & the Big 5 then needs to court these guys.

Heck, Doc might even stay if we get these guys since Doc loves "future hall of fame" oldies - & he is the only coach who can inspire & bring the best out of them unlike that arrogant Phil who won so much because he goes to a team with the best players in their prime.   Remember Sheed who was supposed to be "a cancer?"  He laid it all out for Doc!

Now, does a 3-peat sounds possible with these guys?  Hell ya!

To para-phrase KG: "Everything's possible!"

We will then make that Laker-fan punk who taunted KG with that remark after Game 7 eat his words & make him cry next year as well as that entire Laker team. GO BOSTON!!!


"Next year's line-up:"

Starters:  KG, Paul, Ray, Perk, & Rondo.

Reserves:  Shaq, BBD, T-Mac, Tony, Bradley.           

11, 12th, & 13th men are:  AI, Eddie, Miller.

*Looks pretty impressive & formidable!


**Williams, Scal, Finley, & Daniels can all go!

***Hate to see Nate go but realistically speaking, we will not afford him & that he would want more playing time with a higher salary.


****Got this idea from Jeff Clark.  Thanks Jeff, that was so enlightening especially during these darkest hours.

 This is more possible than getting LeBron to come to Boston.  Now a banner or 3 is once again possible, if we can only get these guys.

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