"Why Boston is the best place for LeBron & vice versa"

"Why not Cleveland?"

Because his teammates are not championship material (except Shaq) unlike Boston or LA.

But the more haunting fact is that "it's home!"  

Meaning, the more he stays home as the years goes by, the more he'll get dogged as "never having the MATURITY & courage to venture outside the comforts of home."

Indeed, in life, we have to get away from home early in our adulthood & venture out in order to grow up & mature. We then go back home upon retirement but not stay there, in that little world, all our lives.  That's simply life!


"Why not Miami, Chicago, or LA?"

Because Miami's simply Wade's house, while LA (even if it's the Clippers) is simply Kobe land.  

The same goes for Chicago, it will not be pleasant playing under MJ's shadow especially if you don't win.  

And with Chicago's line-up, chances of beating LA till Kobe retires 5-6 yrs. from now is nil. 


"Why not New Jersey with its high profile billionaire owner?"

Because it will validate the critics of LBJ, that he's never about winning.  

Of course, WINNING is the only thing that brings prestige, global appeal, & profitability.  Just ask Kobe & MJ. 

Prokov may be well known around the world that he can easily make anyone he wants be renowned too.

But if you don't win, then people won't be too crazy about you (or your brand) no matter who your connection is.

Indeed, people will simply know you but they won't buy you!


But the real danger with NJ is the damage not wining will create.

Meaning, Prokov & NJ will have enormous expectations of LBJ.  

But if NJ don't win any championship several years down the road since it's not really a championship caliber team, then it will be like Cleveland for LBJ all-over again: non-stop criticism galore!  

This, in turn, will tremendously harm LBJ's reputation just as to what's happening now in Cleveland. 


And so, the best place for LBJ to go to is Boston because even if Pierce don't re-sign with the C's, Boston is still a championship caliber team that will surely beat LA with a guy like LBJ.

Bottom line:  Winning is the only thing that brings prestige, respectability, profitability,&  global appeal.  

That's what Boston can do for LBJ.  

Likewise, only LBJ (wtih Boston's cast) can bring multiple banners to B-town, not Amare, Bosh, Dirk, & etc.


And so, this marriage is a "win-win" for both parties.  

If the Lakers didn't have any problem signing Artest after Ariza opted-out, then perhaps we should [for once] be like the Lakers & go after a great alternative for Paul which is LBJ.

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