"The real poison of the NBA!"

Don't know why so many people are outraged with LBJ & Miami, they got it all wrong!

People should be mad at LA for the theft of Pau Gasol!

Has the league not allowed the Gasol heist, we would not see this "Miami occurance" at all.

Of course, other superstars of the NBA also wants to win a ring [or 2] before their career is over.

But if you have LA monopolizing it, then it makes the league superstars join forces in 1 team as that's their only chance to also win.

Before the Gasol heist, there was more parity in the league, even Boston with the Big 3 wasn't a sure bet as the other Eastern Conference teams were at par with them while Boston's Big 3 are aging, no guarantee for a dynasty.

With the Gasol theft, it really upset the balance in the NBA resulting to this current "great unbalance."

What's next, CP3, Melo, & Tim Duncan joining forces with Amare in NY not too long from now?

Or Brandon Roy & Kevin Durant joining forces with Derrick Rose, Boozer, & Noah in Chicago somewhere down the road?

Or some other star SG & SF joining Dwight & Jameer in Orlando? LA then is the true poison of the NBA, they perpetuated all of this!

Have the Gasol thievery been not allowed, LA with Bynum, Kobe, & Odom would've still been very lethal yet there would be more balance & competition instead of LA being automatically the champions every year.

It's about time people call-out LA, they have been under the radar for so many years, they have acquired superstars easily since the "Showtime Lakers" thereby greatly upsetting the balance in the NBA.

If they are allowed to continue to do this (as they NEVER stop & NEVER rest in acquiring superstars year after year) & they will surely continue to do so in years to come, then this "Miami occurance" will continue In the NBA.

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