a tough question???

lets say the trade deadline is 3 weeks away, the celtics have struggled and they start getting offers... for players with high dollar contracts kg, pp, ray, o'neal and others (sheed).. ainge lets it be known that rondo is the only untouchable. and they still get offers.       and then every week they send another HOF player away..

what is the point of you saying o.k to trading away these players for cap space to go after marc gasol, al horford, carmelo anthony, jeff green, yao, caron butler etc..  and build for the future by trades and getting picks.

is kg going to have a season that say the mavs need a inside deffensive player, and start to offer some interesting packages together. or the thunder want some one to pair with durant... the rockets with yao... the nuggets want that last push... the jazz lost a big and need a big to play important mins...    The heat and magic have seperated from the pack of celtics, bulls, bucks etc. is there a number of losses or games back that says... well... maybe this is the time to rebuild and suround rondo with players.

using kg as bait to get something in return that can help.

pierce in the same mold. say the suns or spurs need a sf that can do it all..

ray is being asked about by the suns, knicks, bobcats..

o'neal shows he has something left and a young team needs a vet big with a reasonable price..


would the rockets move chase buddinger (young wing who can shoot and finish at the rim), jordan hill (young big) and jeffries with some draft picks for kg? would the celtics do something like that?

the thunder want a veteran sg, so they offer cook, maynor with a 2nd round draft pick for ray..

the trailblazers are injury plagued again and need a sf who can handle playing out west, offer oden and babbit with a pick for pierce.

o'neal is off to cleveland who snuck into that 8th seed to play miami, and they want some toughness.

so they get young chips in return to build off of. they get cap space to play with in the off season. they get draft picks to let DA do his drafting magic.

as a celtic fan i want them to win...

but if it starts to become obvious that they are going to be fighting up a higher mountain with less amo to play with then last year. i wouldnt mind cashing in on some of these players play off reputations. and maybe helping a team not named miami or LA lakers. getting some space to go after horford, gasol, anthony, buddinger.. i think with rondo they could be even better then they are now.  and all of them playing together it ould be a great team to play vs the heat and lakers for the next 5 years. if they go into a season with rondo, anthony, horford, gasol, bradley, perk. then add some veteran players, i'd be extremly confident and happy....

i think the number is 10, 11 . if the heat and magic pull 10, 11 games away from the celtics. the bulls, hawks and bucks have the 3, 4 & 5 seeds locked up. which to be honest is possible. the east has gotten ALOT TOUGHER over the past 2 seasons. and for what ever reason the veterans havent played well enough to make any one think that they can turn it on again in the play offs. ray and paul have clearly lost another step. kg is healthy but isnt putting up those kg numbers. perk isnt healthy enough to play howard 1 on 1. o'neal has become a bust. every night its rondo doing everything he can but its just not enough.. 


to repeat.. I'M A CELTICS FAN FIRST, I WANT THEM TO WIN EVERY YEAR. THIS ISNT ME SAYING THEY WILL SUCK AND HAVE ALREADY LOST.  but i was asked this at a bar recently and it took a while to think of my answer.

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