2 for 1 with Sheed

OK I know a lot of you guys have been passing around the idea of a trade for Sheed's contract and maybe another piece to get a deal done for an impact player off the bench. Here's our roster as it stands right now

Rondo/Nate/ Lafayette

Ray Ray/ Bradley/ Gaffney/Lafayette

PP/ Gaffney/ Skywalker

KG/ BBD/ Skywalker

Perk(O’Neil till he comes back)/ O’Neil/ Erden Smith/ BBD

13 players including 2 rookies Bradley and Luke Skywalker Haggondy. Not sure if they have signed yet, but with our payroll I would imagine both are going to. Including Sheed on this list and you got 14. I think we need another big and a wing.

Here's how I think we should get to 15 with out spending more, in fact maybe spending less. 2 trade ideas for the Celtics.

Trade # 1 with 76ers

Sheed 6.3 for T. Young 2.9 + M. Speights 1.8(4.7) + Cash to make it work.  Or wait till 8/17 and add Hawes and Lafayette to make it work for both sides. In the latter the Celtics get a wing and 2 big’s that can spell Ray, PP, O’Neil, KG and Perk when he returns.  76ers get a guard to back up and about 6 million in cap relief which there over so the number doubles to 12 million. They get rid of Young who is a back up and has been in the dog house more then often. They get rid of Speights who for no reason I can see is always in the dog house and Hawes who is filler from the Dalembert trade with the Kings.

Trade # 2 with Cavs

Sheed 6.3 for D. West 4.5 and Leon "the Show" Powe 1. May need some filler for that one to work, but that’s the nuts and bolts of it.

Not going for big names. Modest trades for solid NBA guys with enough experience to help this season. I would be more then happy to get either. I think both trades do address both needs for the Celtics.

I know it's frustrating to just sit back and watch all the FA's go to other team while the C's take care of there own. I know it dosn't get enough attention but in Danny or DA we trust. We are talking about positions 9-13 on the roster. The bench will determine where we end up in the regular season. The health of this team will determine where we end up in the playoffs. Here's to a healthy season for everyone involved.

P.S.  If Sheed gets bought out from which ever team his contract goes to. I wouldn't be upset if we PJ brown him into the playoffs.

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