Some questions before 2010-2011 season and my answers.

I organized these questions by conference.


1. Who poses the biggest threat to the Lakers? This is what they ask every year, this year, it's the Portland Trailblazers in my opinion, they were 2-1 vs the Lakers last season and considering how the Lakers struggle in Portland.

2. Will the Phoenix Suns be able to overcome the loss of Amar'e Stoudemire? I think they can, they made moves to replace him with Hackimm Warrick, Hedo Turkoglu, Josh Childress and resigning Channing Frye, but those guys have to step up big time. Look for them to break the 50-win mark.

3. Will Denver rise back up this year? With Al Harrington and a healthier Melo, Yes.  They could be the second best in the West this year.

4. Will the competition be as tough or tougher than last year? No. Players are moving East, expect only 5-6 teams to win 50+.

5. How is Dallas (the oldest team) gonna do a year older and coming off a first round loss? They will be as good or better unless Dirk starts declining, but remember, Jason Terry is one of 3 players to hit 100+ 3's per season this decade (Paul Pierce and Ray Allen).


1. Should we crown Miami as Southeast champs? No. We can't crown them anything until they prove something.

2. How is the competition in the East? Tougher.  NY and many other teams got better. Only Cleveland is losing 60 games.

3. Is Boston improving or declining? IMPROVING. KG a year removed from surgery, Ray Allen without distractions, Rondo even better. 60+ wins w or w/o Perkins as long as they don't coast through the regular season.

4. Will Toronto and Cleveland overcome the loss of their superstars? Cleveland won't. Toronto, IMO has some weapons to at least get 41-44 wins (don't forget the rise of Andrea Bargnani).

5. Will Detroit return to playoff form? Not championship form but playoff form. They were screwed by injuries, player issues in the last 2 seasons, perhaps an even better Rodney Stuckey could propel them back to the playoffs.

Take note that these are my answers.

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