"It's time we counter LA's shrewd but wise moves!"

After landing Steve blake, why is it that LA always gets the player they want/need even if they are already loaded

with talent & salary!?


How are they always able to pull it off year after year just when we think they don't have cap space or flexibility?


It's time we counter their bold move & here's an idea that may be painful & will surely hurt, but might work.


Since the Cavs really would hate to loose LeBron for nothing, how about we offer Perk, BBD, Nate, future draft picks,

& Sheed's expiring contract for a "sign & trade?"  


These 4 servicable player's salaries amounts to approx. $18-19 mil. if Nate is signed for say, $4-5 mil.


The Cavs then can either keep 1 or 2,  then trade the other 1 or 2 to better their team.  For sure, Sheed's expiring

contract will help for future trades.


Perhaps, LeBron might be amenable to this (if the Cavs will talk to him about it) so as to help Cleveland on his way



After all, Boston will really be a good destination for him as it gives him a chance to win multiple times.


But everything will have to start with the Celtics contacting the Cavs for such a proposal, then the Cavs discussing it

with LBJ.


However, it might get contentious if Cleveland also asks for Rondo but such an offer (those 4 C's) is a start.


Like I said, it will really hurt as those 4 guys are so likable, we will also become the thing we hate the most which is -

those shrewd, cheatful, & greedy Lakers who has no problem disposing of LOYAL & servicable players,


or has no problem plundering other [fledging] teams star players either by lopsided trades (remember Gasol,

Wilt, Kareem, Magic, Worthy, Scott, Kobe) or grabbing the free-agent star players like how they did with Shaq, Artest,

& etc.


But that's how they closed the gap & are now threatening to leave us behind.  


And so, it's time we counter them once & for all as this year's star-studded free agency may very well be our last

chance to distance ourselves from them once again given the fact that our core players are aged yet still have 3-4

good years left to do a 3 or 4-peat with a guy like LeBron. 


And with Pierce coughing-up $5 mil., we can then re-sign Ray, then go for a couple of big men either Shaq, Brad

Miller, Jermaine O'Neal, & whoever else is available for the MLE.


Owenrship then will have to step-up a bit & shell- out some money in order to sign TA, Bradley, & a couple more

servicable but inexpensive free agents.

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