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The lack of length down low and a shooter with defensive ability are the two major concerns that I have for the Celtics as they aim to make another playoff run next season. I know, I know. Is this guy really adding another crazy scheme to the ridiculous amount of unrealistic free agent posts? Well, realistically there are only a select few decent big men and a select few shooters  that could aid the Celtics toward another playoff run next season. Here are a list of some free agents that I think could benefit our squad for next season:



Brad Miller (CHI)

Brendan Haywood (DAL)

Johan Petro (DEN)

Steven Hunter (MEM)

Darko Milicic (MINN)

Josh Boone (NJ)

Etan Thomas (OKC)

Patrick O'Bryant (TOR)

Fabricio Oberto (WASH)


I chose big men that I believe are solid defensively and add length to our current roster. The majority of these bigs have little offensive talent, but can finish around the rim. In my opinion, we have enough offensive talent as is and we don't necessarily need a big man that is a dominating force on offense. Aside from Milicic and Miller, these big guys are pretty athletic. Although many of these guys aren't current "stat stuffers," I believe that they can really help us with their length and athleticism. Overshadowed by guys like Brook Lopez, Andrea Bargnani, Marc Gasol, etc., guys like Hunter, Boone, Oberto and O'Bryant (former Celtic), did not have much opportunity to perform for their given teams in 2009. 


Realistically, who would you like to see in green next season, and why?



Rasual Butler (LAC)

Dorell Wright (MIA)

Bobby Simmons (NJ)

Tracy McGrady (NY)

Roger Mason (SA)

Mike Miller (WASH)

Kyle Korver (UTAH)


It is no secret that the current Celtics roster lacks great shooters that  can play some defense. Yes, obviously we had Ray and Paul, but I was never thrilled with the addition of Finley. I think that a Finley upgrade (better defensively with some athleticism and length) would do the Celtics a world of good. Personally, if possible, I feel best about Dorell Wright and / or Rasual Butler. These guys are long, tenacious defenders that can shoot the ball. I don't know if either of these guys are obtainable, but I can see a significant improvement off the bench with the addition of either of these guys.


Again, realistically, who would you like to see the Celtics pickup, and why? (Don't say LeBron)


My philosophy is that a length down low and a solid shooter that can defend are the missing links to the Celtics squad. Obviously there are many Sign and Trade possibilities and other crazy trades that the Celtics could make, but I'd prefer for those to stay separate from this post. Thanks for reading, all comments are appreciated. Lets go Celtics!

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