An Idea... Trade Sheed's Contract toUtah. Does this sound absurd?

Addressing the need for a solid wing and a big man. This is just an idea that just popped up and will it sound good or will it be the worst thing you've read is entirely up to you.


With the signing of Von Wafer and Marquis Daniels, the spot for the wing position has probably been filled up. Or not yet. And the Rudy talks are still silent. There is one idea though that could probably help out.

A trade to Utah. Trading Sheed's contract and some players for CJ Miles and a sign & trade deal for Kyrylo Fesenko. CJ Miles have been solid in Utah playing quality minutes behind Andrei Kirilenko, and could probably do the same behind Paul Pierce. He's an active player who likes to slash inside and shown some decency shooting outside as well. Kyrylo Fesenko has been in the NBA for 3 years and had some not so good numbers, but hasnt had a good slice of playing time in Utah yet. But at 23 years old and at 7'1'' 300 pounds, his big body and length could probably be the big backup that the Celtics are looking for just and be their Plan B in case Shaq does not wanna sway to green. 

Add the fact that Utah is at 68 million in the cap. They could probably use some cap relief even if it's just -6 million (though Kirilenko's 17 mil is out after this season which means they probably wont need cap relief.) Also, they are loaded with SF's and even drafting Gordon Hayward who I think will be groomed to be the next face of Utah. But I'm pretty sure they will not just give these two for a contract. Which is where Wafer or Marquis Daniels comes in. They only have Raja Bell as their legit shooting guard. Add Gaffney as well and the trade will probaly get interesting.

And to top it all of. Miles' contract expires in two years. Same year all those contracts expire where Danny starts rebuilding. Which makes it even better for the C's as they try to go for the WIN NOW REBUILD 2 YEARS LATER approach.

The only problem is Fesenko. Miles is only worth 3.7 million so to get to Sheed's contract Fesenko has to sign for atleast 2.3 mil. He's a restricted free agent as well meaning Utah can match the offer, though at 2 million and them over the cap it's pretty tough to match. The question now is, he worth it for 2 million a year is the question? Maybe not? But is the gamble worth it. If Shaq does not become the big leprachaun, I'd say yes. Sign Fesenko to a 1 year deal with an option for a 2nd year. 


So the trade scenario goes.

Boston gives

Sheed's contract, Von Wafer/Marquis Daniles, Tony Gaffney to Utah (maybe add 1st round pick if the previous offer is rejected)

Boston gets

CJ Miles, Kyrylo Fesenko and 2nd round Pick.


And the backup wing problem is solved. The backup big problem, at least has been handled for a while.

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