da, are you attempting anything yet?

the knicks, lakers, magic have all gotten better. so i'll help. i have a top 5 list at each role the celtics need filled. some would be easier to get but some would be some what easy.

amare signed with the knicks. so they have improved. and are still getting better..  

 the lakers got better because steve blake as a backup is alot better then they had.

 the magic got better because duhon, instead of paying anthony johnson and jason williams.. now they can resign redick or go after mike miller, who lives in orlando..

 the hawks resigned joe johnson so now he is recruiting players to go to atlanta.

 the celtics have done.... resign pierce, which i'm 60-40 on. but thats another story for another time...  there are tons of rumors out there. but the longer D.A. waits the longer it hurts. they cant let lebron, wade, bosh land in a place and then have them recruit players also. the celtics dont have the money to thro around like other teams do..

the bulls and nets have been quite so they are ready to spend.

the lakers have been rumored to wanting tony allen, great! our best one on one deffender may join the man he has to stop. kobe was bothered by artest they went out and got him. now Tony bothers him, so they want to sign him.

danny i saw you watching that summer league game, there is enough talent there to fill roster spots 11- 15. art parkahouski is a big rebounder, oliver seems to have the talent to be on the roster, erden is raw but 7 foot. harangody looks like a shooter with size (ugly shot but it goes in). go resign TA, Ray if you want to make another run with this team. trade sheed for rudy fernandez, barbosa, some one who can help, bring shaq in. talk to mike miller and see what it would take for him to be a celtic, then make it happen.

get some shooters!!!! morrow, redick, miller. or even rasual butler, ridnour, matt barnes, roger mason, kyle korver. dont be happy with just getting pierce and ray back (maybe). S&T daniels, S&T nate, S&T tony allen (but not to LA, how about okc? he went to oklahoma state.) 

 yes i'm impatient. but i dont think they have enough to win it all if they just bring every one back.

they need to fill these things in my eyes-

1. the scroing role off the bench- davis is stil developing and hasnt dont it on back to back nights.

my top- 5 big al (if minnesota wants lee they have to move al, so sheed plus??), mike miller (good size, 3 point shooter), morrow, redick, roger mason, rasual butler/ kyle korver

2. get a big who wants to rebound- wether its erden, parkahouski, shaq, brad miller, kurt thomas, juwan howard, kwame brown, chris webber, bill russell i dont care!  just get some one who can get a rebound when it matters. or how about a flier on nathan jawai, he is a big guy, 6'10 280. still young so he could fit in after the 3 leave. 

my top 5 russell, chamberlain, david robinson, hakeem olajuwon, 1992 shaq...   or  if they arent available- scola, big al, josh boone (still young so doesnt mind just being a rebounder or taller sheldon williams role), ratliff,  kurt thomas, the last two they would use the vet minimum.

3. get a distributor off the bench- nate tried and he showed he's more of a scoring pg. marbury was so nervous that he failed because he didnt want to look selfish, then he went crazy..

my top 5- jordan farmar (has some rings). kyle lowry, ray felton.  jason williams (if he wont be a magic) rafer alston (skip-to-my-lou)

4. if TA leaves then get a deffensive player who can slow wade, kobe, chris paul, deron williams, rose down..

my top 5- tony allen, ronnie brewer, matt barnes, ime udoka, trade sheed for a battier type player  

wether sheed stays or not they still need those roles filled.

if they S&T tony to okc, for a james harden? they have the points with westbrook and durant. so they now add that stopper for kobe and other sg's.. that would be a tough trade but it makes sense the way tony played in the playoffs. S&T nate/daniels or both along with sheed to minnesota for big all. they get a scoring pg off the bench plus room for lee. they sign scola to the MLE. they try to get farmar but end up getting williams for the vet min.

scola, big al, kg, perk. pierce, ray, rondo, harden (future sg), bradley, williams. then harangody, art parkahouski, erden, oliver, and the return of... scal!!!!!!!!!! is my 2011 nba celtics roster. and very good chance of winning. and still young to buil off of for the future, harden, rondo bradley, big al, perk.

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