flynn, big al? o'neal got the MLE but... sheed is???

Ainge liked him (jonny flynn) going into the draft, they are being rumored to be giving him up for delonte west.. and also are looking to bring in david lee so they are trying to move big al jefferson also, both gone makes room for lee.. so do the math. ainge liked al didnt want to include him in the kg trade, but it came down to him or rondo, they made the correct/great choice. so does any one else think ainge would try to get these two????


the celtics have an up and down relationship with glen davis, they like what he does but seem to always find something to not be comfortable with him.. so DA gets his PF back in al.  they also have a need for a back up PG.. they tried nate, marbury, cassel over the past 3 years. all were 1 and done, flynn has what it takes to be a PG in this league, a GREAT back up PG in the league. DA said that he could start in the nba when he was still in college.

SIDENOTE-  if jermaine o'neal replaces perk while he's injured. and they have brought him in using the MLE, that means sheed is already retired? sheed has been traded? i havent heard anything on either..  

maybe DA can offer davis, sheeds contract and a S&T including nate robinson.  i think they would take robinson, have him come off the bench and sessions start until rubio comes over.. and they dont need to sign another PG.

sheeds 6.3 million, davis 3 million. robinson could sign a 2 year 10 mil (5 mil per year) and another boston pick

al jefferson 12 mill, flynn 2.9 mill 


that gives THE T-WOLVES the option of signing david lee, when sheed retires. (which seems he may have already, and when he finds out he could play in minnesota he will) a back up PG with a scorers mentality. and a 3rd big (davis, love, lee). and a future draft pick.

BOSTON gets a back up PG who can play some important min. and with flynn, bradley and rondo they have 3 guards of the future. teamming al and o'neal off the bench in the playoffs creates alot off problems with other teams. al's a good scoring big who gets double doubles! o'neal is the tough vet.  they could even resign TA giving them a tough deffensive stopper.. and with TA, flynn, bradley they could press other teams back ups. those 3 in a full court press would be a tough time for most back courts.

also allows sheed to take half the year off. if he pulls a p.j. brown and comes back to boston in late feb/early march to be on the playoff roster. they would be really tall and really deep at the big positions. kg, perk, o'neal, jefferson, sheed. they would also be very deep at the guards (ray, rondo, ta, flynn, bradley) so they would only need a sf to back up pierce.  

sf options- brewer, gaffney, rasual butler, dorrel wright, matt barnes, and i think the one that makes the most sense JOSH HOWARD!







parkahouski, gaffney, harangody are on try outs till sheed decides if he wants to join for the playoffs...

that builds for the future and wins now.



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