"Boston's most pressing need now."

With the "super team" Miami now has, our aged C's can still beat them believe it or not!  

The whole world might laugh at such a notion but only us C's fans knows it in our hearts that it can be done!

But 2 things needs to happen:

1.  Rondo now needs to get  A LOT BETTER with his outside shots (ala Mark Price!) for us to have a chance. 

2. If Sheed retires officially, our C's really need to be wise with who they trade his contract for.


Given Boston's tendency to have dry runs in the 4th quarter capped by Game 7 against LA, our Big 3 then needs an additional "proven" [athletic] scorer as an insurance so that we'll never loose our lead in a crucial 4-5 min. span of the 4th quarter as lead blown is so energy-zapping & deflating!

With JO's signing, our C's now has a back-up center who can also score at times, what we need now is a proven athletic scorer to back-up Paul & Ray.

Someone who can handle the ball, penetrate & create his own shot, draw the opponent's defense to him then dish it out to any of the Big 3 (all outstanding shooters) to make the game easier to our aged Big 3.

In short, we don't need someone who's merely a spot-up shooter ala JJ Reddick.


Indeed, an athletic scorer/slasher will relieve a lot of pressure from Paul, Ray, & Rondo from having to create the shot for him.   Also, athletic scorers tend to be better in defense (since they're athletic) versus stiff, spot-up shooters. 

If we have a JJ Reddick type of player,  it will only put a lot of pressure to our guys to create shots for that shooter thereby making our guys expend so much energy which we can't afford since they're older now. 

We need someone who can really penetrate & make his shot against heavy traffic, not someone who can penetrate but cannot finish against traffic, like TA!  (But his defense is valuable & that's why we need to keep him.)

We need someone like a young Tracy McGrady, or maybe T-Mac himself for a "sign & trade" with NY since T-Mac still has game & he's only 31 like Kobe.   (And T-Mac is proven!)   

But if T-Mac wants more money or doesn't want anything to do with Boston, then who else out there fits the bill who our C's has a chance to trade for Sheed's contract? 


"Speaking of Miami..."

Shaq & Big Z will definitely follow LBJ. Shaq returns home for cheap as all he care about now in his last 2-4 years is to win while Z signs for the minimum. Beasley will be traded to make room for Miami to sign minimum salaried players while Chalmers may stay since his contract is small & that the Heat needs a PG who can shoot.


Does Beasley fit the bill of a young T-Mac?

Can we get him for Sheed's usable contract now that Miami will be looking to dump Beasley's +$6 mil. contract?

Or even if Beasely's not a slasher/penetrator/passer, "athletic" player like a young T-Mac, does he have game to compliment our C's both in offense & D?

Can Miami say, 10-peat?!

People can't blame LeBron now, his true colors really showed which is - winning triumphed over more money.

Now that's really commendable.

Just wished he ended-up in Boston but that wasn't possible.

Now the question is - how do we react in order to beat them & the Lakers in years to come & have the championship to ourselves instead of them?

The key lies in who we get for Sheed's usable contract.

Since it's quite usable for other teams, then we really need to get something VALAUBLE in return & useful for us too.

Long live the Celtics!!! 

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