danny, please start talking to the cavs and get these two players

anderson varejao, and anthony parker!!!

those two for a 1st rounder, sheed and davis! sheed's contract free's up 7 million for cleveland. gives them davis and hickson as future front court players to build off of. then if they can move west and jamison for flynn and al jefferson, it would free up more money for cleveland. also giving them building blocks for the future....  but back to boston's deal!

varejao and parker are perfect complements to what the celtics have.

 the reason for anderson varejao and parker are really simple and obvious-

varejao is a good to great deffender (made an all deffensive team as a back up!) he's tall, hustle player that doesnt need plays ran for him. also a good fill in starter at power forward or center!  all those long loose rebounds that LA or orlando were getting would be in his hands. cleveland wont move him to miami or to a team that would later move him there. they know boston wont. not now. not when the big 3 are gone, he's a perfect PF for rondo's style of playing!

anthony parker- good 3 point shooter off the bench, good deffender for wing players and two guards, so he can come in and guard lebron, varejao guards bosh and TA gets wade. saving the energy of the big three. only has 2 years left on his contract so he's an older player that fits into the big 3 year plan. solves them from signing a player at the league minimum.

both would be good match ups vs orlando. (lewis and carter.).. new york (amare and ?) milwaukee (salmons & bogut).. chicago (noah/boozer  & deng).. phily (young/brand & turner).. LA (kobe & gasol) sa antonio (ginobli & duncan) basically any one that comes up at pf/c and sg!!   both dont have horrible deals, which is a tough call on clevelands part.. why give them up when they do alot for your team.. here's the reason. REBUILD! do it now, do it by trades and getting young players on the rise. davis, hickson. 

cleveland trade big z to dallas for dampier maybe a pick if dallas wants to throw one in.. thats -13 mil in salary.   trade varejao and parker for davis , sheed and a pick. thats - 7 million. trade mo williams and telfair for dj augistine and boris diaw and a pick -11 million after the season. and getting rid of mo williams.ade jamison and west to denver for kmarts contract and afflalo and a pick.    -18 million after the year ends.    giving them hickson, davis, dj augistine, afflalo, leon powe, danny green, 4 draft picks next year. and 49+ million to sign free agents to build off of.. plus who ever they can convince to come now. plus the option of trading kmart for a salary dump for another team. 

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