Celtics Notes - August 1

When news of Von Wafer signing with the Celtics first broke, you probably read about his minor spat with Houston Rockets coach Rick Adelman over playing time in a 2009 playoff game. However, in a recent interview with HoopsWorld, Wafer didn't sound like a player who's looking to squabble over minutes.

Wafer Excited for Second Chance - HoopsWorld

"I'm just going to go in and try to learn all of the defensive schemes because I know that's going to be big, depending on how much they utilize me. They haven't told me a specific role but I'm willing to do anything they ask of me. If they need a cheerleader, that's fine. If they need a water guy, I'll be getting everybody water. If they need me knocking down open shots, I'll do that too," he said.

"I'm just hungry right now. I really didn't want to tell people that because they've heard it a million times but I really am so hungry and I have so much to prove. I can't let that be the last time people heard from me, going out with Olympiakos. I take a lot of pride in my game and what people think of me and I don't want that to be how I'm remembered. I've got to write another chapter."

Hit the jump for the latest on Kendrick Perkins's rehab (from the man himself). 

Perk, a Texas native, recently spoke with local radio show KILT in Houston with Marc and John about his injured right knee, and his rehab process:

"I'm feeling good. I'm actually at the gym right now getting PT. I'm in physical therapy right now but just taking it one day at a time, just trying to get stronger, and it's coming along real well. I'm just trying to take it slow, but take it one day at a time."

h/t to Chris Forsberg on both of these stories.

There are always certain players you need never need to worry about in terms of the work they're willing to put into the rehab process. Kevin Garnett was one of those players two years ago, and Perk will be one of those guys this coming season. He'll do whatever is asked of him in order to find the court as soon as possible. If anything, we should be more concerned about him rushing back too soon, but I'm confident Eddie Lacerte and the Celtics' medical staff will have his progress fully monitored as the season commences. 

As for Wafer, he's certainly saying all of the right things, which is a start. I suppose it would be difficult for anyone to come to a team like the Celtics these days with a me-first attitude. I imagine such mindsets are stamped out rather quickly by Doc and some of the vets. Wafer's been touted as an offensive spark plug, and we saw another player like that last season in Nate Robinson, who didn't actually earn significant minutes until he bought into the team's defensive schemes. I imagine it'll be a similar challenge for Wafer. If he can adapt to the team's defense, he should earn minutes, and his offense will take care of itself from there. 

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