"How our beloved C's can get Melo"


- In the light of the Miami heist, NBA superstars nowadays wants to join a team with the chance to win it all.

- The next 3 players to watch then are Dwight Howard, CP3, & Melo.

- LA is so maxed-out in long term contracts with their stars that chances of them getting any of these 3 players is slim but it can still happen given LA's unsatiable thirst for the best players!  (They never stop & never rest in obtaining the best.)

- Miami on the other hand can still land 1 more superstar after this year since their role player's contracts are not long term except Mike Miller whom they can easily ship-out so as to make room for someone like CP3.

- Given Wade, Bosh, & LBJ's sacrifice in taking lesser money this year, then rest assure that they will do the same in 2012 (if they don't win it all in the next 2 seasons) to make room for a really good big man or PG which is what they are lacking.

- indeed, we cannot crown Miami yet due to the improvements LA & our C's made this off season.  And that's why I'm leaving the possibility that they may not win it all in the next 2 years.

- With the NBA salary cap at $60 mil., these "Big 3" may once again take +$14 mil. each to accomodate 1 more superstar either CP3 or Dwight, then sign a bunch of role players (vets &  rookies) for the minimum.  It will probably be a lot of rookies since they don't count against the cap.


- Melo, on the other hand, will not be in their radar since they already have LBJ as their SF.  What Miami lack is a real good center or PG & so, Dwight or CP3 will be high on their list. 

- Our C's then has the best chance to land Melo!   But how you may ask?   


- Well, first of all, let's review the cases of each 3 superstars.

"The next Big 3 free agents"

- Melo can opt out after this season while CP3 & Dwight has that option 2 years from now.

- Melo not -resigning with Denver now inspite of their HUGE offer (especially in the light of the coming potential lock-out next year) truly indicates that he wants to go to a winning team.

- Dwight on the other hand is so "Mr. Nice" that it's a bit unlikely he'll do a LeBron or Shaq gig, of abandoning his team even if he also wants to win ASAP.

- Chances are, Dwight will give Orlando a "2-3 year chance" of building a real championship caliber team.  Hence, he'll probably re-sign with the Magic for 2-3 years after 2012.  

- Now this is what a lot of people were saying about LBJ, that he should've given the Cavs at least 2-3 years (since he's still young) instead of bolting-out now.     

- CP3 on the other hand will surely want to join his best buddy ["my brother'] LeBron after 2012.  No way will he re-sign with the Hornets whereas Pat Riley, who wants a big man like Dwight, will just have to settle for CP3.

- Indeed, Dwight is so "Mr. Nice" that he will not go to Miami if he does bolt-out of Orlando, there's just no way will he stick it up to Orlando like how LBJ did with the Cavs.  And so, Dwight will most likely go West if he does leave.

- This is where our C's then have a chance to land Melo especially now that Denver is willing to listen to offers in the light of the "LeBron/Bosh" fiasco.

- NBA teams now learned that if their superstar doesn't want to sign an extension even if the offer is HUGE,  then better trade the superstar in order to get something in return than loose him for nothing!

"And so, who do we offer for Melo?"

- Well, first of all, the trade mill won't get hot till Feb.  Hence, we'll probably have to wait till then.

- But bear in mind that Melo will make $17.2 mil. this year.  Hence, we need to match that.

- Secondly, don't expect LA to be idle since they have some good players to offer though Kobe, Gasol, Bynum, & Artest (in the light of his dire contribution defensively & offensively in the Finals) are all out of the question.

- Thus, it will be someone like Odom, Walton, & Vucavic's expiring contract ($19 mil. all-together) since LA's one "low-balling" team when it comes to trades [albeit, lopsided] given their history!

- But Denver will be desperate (better get something in return than nothing) & so, we really need to offer something better than what LA will offer, & not low-ball Denver if we want to get Melo.  

- Our only hope is that Denver rather trade East & not help their long-time foe who always beat them since the early 80's.  

- Remember the Showtime Lakers versus that good Denver team of coach Doug Moe, Fat Lever, English, Issel, Schayes, Natt, Vincent, & et al?   It's quite similar to Denver v. LA nowadays with Denver close enough but still won't beat LA!  

- Also, we have to bear in mind that most other teams may not get involve because Melo really wants to go to a championship team that trading for Melo but only to loose him (when he opts out next year so that he can go to a championship team) is not good for any team!

- And though a lot of people will say Boston, Miami, & LA are not the only championship teams in the NBA, the reality is - they are!

- You may have teams like Atlanta, Orlando, Chicago, & etc. but who do they have to trade for Melo?  (Denver will likely trade East, not with a rival Western teams.)  Only LA & Boston have an overflow of good players to trade & that's why they are championship teams!

- Whereas other teams, they will have to swap 1 or 2 of  their highly-paid star players to get Melo so as to make the numbers work, but then they are no better!  Whereas Boston & LA, they will still have star players to play with Melo even if they give-up very good players for a trade with Denver.   

- Hence, other teams may indeed not get involved (& loose a couple of good players) in the realization that Melo can still opt out.   

- But since Denver would rather trade East, then here's our chance to get Melo by the trading deadline come Feb.

Option A.

- We can offer Perk, BBD, Nate, Quis, Avery, Von Wafer, Harongody ($17.2 mil. all-together) plus future draft picks. This is really a strong offer as all are young, good, solid [but not stellar] players plus future draft picks!    

- But this may not be palatable to Denver as Perk & BBD will be free agents after this year, Denver wouldn't want to obtain good players who will may walk away after the season.  


Option B.

- We can offer Paul Pierce [$13.8 mil.] with BBD [$3.3 mil] or Perk [$4.3 mil] or Nate [$4.2 mil.] to make the numbers work.  Now that's really a strong offer!

Option C.

- Denver may want a straight-up Melo & Billups ($30.2 mil. combined) for Rondo, Pierce, Perk ($27 mil. all-together) plus 1 more player to make the numbers work.

- But that defeats our purpose because the idea is to have Rondo & Melo plus another 1-2 young, free-agent superstar after 2012 with our vets.

- Still, having Melo & Billups with KG, JO, Shaq, Ray, & whatever's left of our supporting cast  after the trade with Denver (& hopefully Rudy Fernandez & Delonte West) for the next 2 years will be awesome, then we go after 1-2 young superstar free agent after 2012.   


*Now all options are terrible because we C's fans loves our layers that we rather retire them as 'Celtics" unlike our rival who doesn't have any problem disposing off even their most loyal, beloved players who have served them well over the years.  

Remember their "low-balling tactics' in negotiating even with their own players like Fisher & Brown this year, Shaq back then, Ariza last year since Artest was available, & so many more examples?

Or how about trading or letting go of popular, loyal, productive players like Norm Nixon, Jamaal Wilkes, McAdoo, Divac, Rambis, Shaq, Ariza, & et al?   

It's just puzzling how a lot of NBA players still would want to play for such a" low balling" franchise!

But sooner or later, NBA players will get tired of their antics & there will be poetic justice! 


"But anyway, what's the best option?"

- Option A is possible given Denver's desperation & that the C's gives a platoon of good, solid players plus future draft picks while option B is really more realistic as it's an even trade whereas option C is a dreaded one as we'd rather keep Rondo.

- But bear in mind that once Melo tastes being in the NBA Final this year or better yet, win it with our C's after beating Miami & LA, then chances are, he will re-sign with us for the long term.

- For sure, that super team in Miami nor that much improved LA team will not be better than us with Melo, KG, Shaq, JO, Ray, (& hopefully Rondo & Pierce), & whatever's left of our crew after the trade. 

- And with us clearing cap room in 2012 with only Melo & Rondo [hopefully] signed long term, then we can go after 1-2 superstar free agents starting 2012 while also signing our vets to reasonable contracts.  

- Can we say, Dwight Howard in 2012-2013?  We can give it a try!

- But if Dwight doesn't want us, then how about Greg Oden & other FA's down the road? 

- Our C's will be very attractive with Melo, Rondo, & the vets for any future free agents, we will then be competetive with the possible "Big 4" of Wade, LBJ, Bosh, CP3 in 2012-2013, or the continuously dynamic LA.


And even if a lot of people in the US will get turned off with the NBA for having only 3 great teams unlike the NFL, MLB, & NHL where there's more parity, the reality is - the NBA is unique & different from the other 3!

Meaning, the NBA is the only major team sport that actually does better worldwide with only 3 great teams battling it out.  Remember the early 80's with Boston-LA-Sixers?  Or late 80's with Boston-LA-Detroit?  

That's how the NBA's overall popularity, marketability, & PROFITABILITY shot big-time worldwide as well as in the US.     

 - Let's go C's!!!

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