To those who commented about "the Melo article" below:

A very sincere & heartfelt thanks, it does shows that C's fans are THE GREATEST & THE BEST as you're all one loyal people!

Unlike our rival LA fans who are like the ancient Romans & other past superpowers - they kept rejoicing & bragging about being number 1 & everyone else are dirt when the truth about their success is - it's been achieved via unscrupulous ways!

In the Laker's case, their unscrupulous dealings & "low-balling" over the years are just SO MANY that this page is not enough to list them all!   Dispatching their most loyal players over the years is just one glaring example.

And like the ancient Romans, LA fans are oblivious to their teams unscrupulous ways since they are fed nothing but success that the virtue of LOYALTY & FAIR PLAY is totally lost with them.   

Just like what Magic Johnson (the very embodiment of being a Laker) has always said, "winning is not everything, it's the only thing!"   

And so, LA wins by hook or by crook yet it don't matter to their fans how winning was achieved (even if it already means "low-balling" & undermining the rest of the league & disregarding the good virtues of loyalty & fair play) because winning is the only thing that matters to them.

Now that's how the evil & greedy ancient Romans were, as well as the citizens of past superpowers!  They reveled on the good times, excesses, & success because the top brass fed it to them making the citizenry IGNORANT on how success was achieved.  

The citizenry's ultimate ARROGANT reply then to their critics is - "you're all just a jealous loosers."    


But don't despair, poetic justice always prevails in the end.   LA will surely get their "judgement day" sooner or later.


But anyway, sorry about being like Mitch Kupchak (& his predecessors) with all those greedy ideas on how to obtain Melo from Denver, I was just thinking of how to better our team not only now but for the future - when our vets are near retirement while Rondo & the young guys are at their peak.

Instead, I became like greedy Mitch Kupchak & Jerry West, GREEDILY wanting it all in expense of a lesser fortunate team.

I guess I lost my sense of what being a Celtic is all about - having loyalty & putting trust in our guys.

Instead, I became like a Laker top brass GREEDILY thinking of ways on how to accumulate wealth via plundering on lesser fortunate teams.  



But wouldn't our C's be attractive to Dwight in 2012 (or some other top free agents 2-3 years from now) if we have Melo & Rondo plus Shaq, KG, JO, Ray, Pierce, & etc?


Our vets will still be servicable by 2012-2014 while Rondo & Melo will be at their peak that Dwight with this team (or some other top FA) ultimately makes our C's  much better than that super-team in Miami or that ever-dynamic but greedy & plundering ["low-balling"] LA team.

Perhaps a trade proposal of Ray Ray [$10 mil.] + Perk & BBD ($7.7 mil. combined) & several future 1st round draft picks for Melo [$17.2 mil.]  will entice Denver?  


Naaahhh, let's just be loyal & stick with our guys.  


In Doc, Danny, & that entire green lantern corps of C's do we Celtic fans TRUST!!! 


Too bad, yellow (the Lakers & Sinistro's color) is stronger which is what Sinistro Kobe is! 


But we now have Superman's [Shaq]  help!


And with the "Green Hornet" movie coming out in Dec. while "Green Lantern" comes out  in June 17, 2011 (just around the NBA Finals next year), I have a feeling our Celtic green will triumph over LA next year!   


To sum it up:  


"In our darkest days

 & our blackest nites..."


"No evil will escape Boston's might"

(Including evil LA!) 


Let's go Celtics!!!

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