Follow Friday: Celtics Twitter Guide

Like it or not, twitter has become a pretty big deal and the social media craze has reached new levels in sports.  

For one thing, it is a great place to get the latest scoops.  Rumors and breaking news items get tweeted before (sometimes long before) they get reported via traditional outlets or even blogs.

But the fascination doesn't end with the news cycle.  Many athletes love using twitter to bypass the media and interact with fans directly (but with a "safe" separation).  The Celtics already had a very active twitter representation (even without the tweet-a-holic Shelden Williams leaving this summer).  But they entered a new Shaq-osphere when they added the Big Tweeter himself.

Shaq is a bit of a pioneer in that he was the biggest name player to take a very active (and creative) participation in twitter.  As a result, he far out-paces most athletes (I don't know the actual top list) with over 3.1 million followers.

But who else on the Celtics has a twitter account?  In the spirit of "Follow Friday," here's the list so far.

Shaquille O'Neal - @THE_REAL_SHAQ
Paul Pierce - @paulpierce34  (good for the occasional trash talk)
Glen Davis - @iambigbaby11 (he'll teach you how to Dougie)
Rajon Rondo - @RajonRondo (usually just promotional stuff)
Ray Allen - @greenRAYn20 (appears to be shut down)
Marquis Daniels - @Marquis_Daniels (sorry, but I don't understand 99% of what he writes)
Nate Robinson - @nate_robinson (signs every post with #wordaapp - its a Seattle thing, I guess)
Jermaine O'Neal - @jermaineoneal (needs a new background)
Avery Bradley - @Aabradley11 (rookie has the right idea)
Von Wafer - @vonwafer13 (get to know the new guy)

That's 10 players (out of 15 roster spots) tweeting.  I'm not sure if it is the most in the NBA but it has to be up there.

By the way, it should go without saying that I'd appreciate it if you would follow @celticsblog 

And while you're at it, follow members of the staff at @CelticsCircuit @jimmy_toscano @FLCeltsFan @TomHalzack @DaarisDirk and @sw43 

And I'm sure I'll leave out some well deserving tweeters, but here's a few non-CelticsBlog related Celtics bloggers and peeps to follow (in no particular order): @RedsArmy @celticshub @CSL_Justin @CSL_Duke @ESPNForsberg @Pflanns @jcamerato @CelticsTown @GinosJungle @NorthStation @DevineBoston  @Sherrodbcsn @SportsGuy33

Did I forget some?  Share them in the comments and feel free to tell people what your account is.

Bonus Link: Gino's Jungle | 10 people you must follow on Twitter if you're a Celtics fan

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