Yup, Even More Shaq Analysis

And now for something completely different... more thoughts on Shaq.

Someday we'll get back to thinking about the Celtics as a whole, but for now Shaq is just too big (pun intended) of a story.

Zach Lowe wonders if Shaq can fit in on defense.

And as we all know, Shaq’s defense outside of one-on-one situations in the post (where he’s pretty solid, as Matt Moore points out) has been a punch line for years. His default defense when he’s involved with screen/rolls is to sag back into the paint while the ball-handler’s man scrambles over the pick and tries to catch up. Open mid-range jumpers are there for the taking, and while the C’s don’t really mind you taking mid-range jumpers, they don’t want those jumpers to be uncontested, and they don’t want you to have enough space to at least think about going toward the rim with a head of steam. 

Chris Forsberg wonders if Shaq would be better off as a starter.

By starting the game alongside Garnett, you have your most favorable defensive pairing, where Shaq's inability to defend the pick-and-roll is somewhat negated by having the team's best defenders on the floor to help out. Conversely, this also allows you to lean on a second-team lineup that features Jermaine O'Neal and Davis as a tandem and avoids potentially cumbersome pairings with Shaq.

Peter May wonders what the big deal is all about.

He is probably a second-string center right now and might be a third-stringer when Kendrick Perkins returns. It is going to be an adjustment for him, no matter what he says in public. He has never been asked to play such a cameo (by his standards) or been paid accordingly. The fact that this day didn't come until he turned 38 speaks volumes about his appeal and the NBA.

I wonder if we can stretch this news cycle all the way through the end of August.  (not likely, but we'll try)

Update: I like the way Nate Robinson summed it up today.

Nate on Shaq: - ESPN Boston

“It’s going to be fun,” said Robinson. “Things are going to be bonkers, but in a good way. We’re just waiting to see how it is.

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