Marquis Daniels, whats next?


Haven't seen 'Quis looking this happy in a while.


Remember last year when the Celtics signed Marquis Daniels? I'm sure like me, everyone rushed and immediately searched him on YouTube, and saw what a unique player he was and is. But I never expected how well he would fit with the Celtics. He seemed to fit in perfectly with the second unit, as a 6'6 point forward he could handle the ball which left Eddie House free to roam and get open shots, and he would slash to the basket smoothly and completely under control putting up strange looking shots that always seemed to find their way into the basket. The thing that surprised me most about Daniels was his defense. He was not extremely quick or athletic, but Doc always trusted him guarding the other teams best player, and it worked. Everything seemed to be going great for Marquis Daniels, he got a fresh start on a championship caliber team, he was getting good minutes and performing well, but it wouldn't last. Marquis Daniels suffered and injury to his thumb and wouldn't bounce back all season.


People seem to forget how good Daniels was for us because of how good Tony Allen performed. I'm not saying Tony Allen's comeback wasn't great, but the bottom line is that Tony Allen is no longer part of the Celtics, but Marquis Daniels is. 

I don't know what to expect from Marquis Daniels this season, but here are a few possible scenarios.

1) Marquis returns to full form and becomes a great bench player.

I'm really hoping this will happen. I think he would fit great with the second unit this year. He can be the slasher and defender that we need at the back up SF. I don't think he will be our scoring leader off the bench, but I think he can be a solid 5-7ppg. guy who can handle the ball when Nate wants to shoot (ala last year with Eddie House). Marquis Daniels also has an extremely high basketball IQ, he always seems to make the right decisions whether it be making the right pass, or cutting to the basket at exactly the right time.


2) Marquis becomes slightly(yet noticeably) less affective. 

Daniels won't have as many opportunities to score and be as affective as he was at the beginning of last season now that the Celtics have a stronger bench (Shaq or Jermaine, Nate, Glen Davis, Von Wafer). To me, Marquis Daniels is more affective with the ball in his hands, last year he was the 2nd option off the bench when he played (remember, we didn't have Nate, and Davis was injured) so he might just be a spot up mid range shooter, and slightly above average defender.


3) Marquis completely falls out of the rotation. (knocking on wood as I type)

Whether it be because of a free agent pick up, trades, or just lack of production, Marquis might just not be able to crack the rotation this year, his thumb might still be injured, or he may re injure it (once again, I am knocking on wood as I type). I hope this does not happen because he has shown he can be a productive member of the Celtics, and he is a great guy who just wants to win.

So what do you think about Marquis Daniels? Leave your comments, be polite.

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