The roster depth of the Boston Celtics


Now with the Delonte signing the current roster depth chart looks as follows:

P G:  Rondo , Robinson , Bradeley
S G  Ray , West , Wafer
S F:  Pierce , Daniels
P F:  Garnett , Davis , Harangody
C :   Jermaine, Shaq, Perk , Erden


Looking at the roster on paper the C's appear to now have one of the deepest and talented teams in the NBA that  will come at teams with waves of depth and firepower at all positions.

The depth they have this year will also assure that the starters will get alot of rest and the team will have capable backups to fill in just in case injury's strike.

They will also be a very versatile team since alot of players can play multiple positions.


They are a legit 3 deep at point guard (4 deep if  you add Delonte who can spot duty at that position)

They are a legit 3 deep at shooting guard (4 deep if you add Robinson who can spot duty at the position)

They are a legit 2 deep at the small forward postion (3 deep if add Wafer who can spot duty at the position at least against mini  small forwards).

They are a legit 3 deep at the power forward position (4 deep if you add Jermaine who can also play the position)

They are a legit 3 deep at the center position (I will not count Erden since the jury is still out on how much he can help us this year)


Now who knows how this teams chemistry will be or how they will actually perform on the court, we will have to wait and see how that unfolds, but for the time being looking at the team on paper it sure looks like a team that opposing teams will have a tough time to match up against and beat.

More good news is the team can possibly get better if:

The C's can strengthen their only real weak spot which is the back up small forward position by attempting to trade Daniels during the preseason or at the trade deadline in order to acquire a better defensive and scoring back up small forward to play behind Pierce.


If the C's can add Rasheed to the roster in the spring (to replace Erden) which would add even more depth to the front court power forward and center positions because as we learned last year in the playoffs big man insurance is vital and as Doc has said "You can never have enough big men in the NBA".

If the C's do the above they  will be even more stacked, talented and a tougher team to beat heading into the playoffs, giving them another real great shot to win banner 18.


Anyone agree or disagree?

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