A Modest Proposal, revisited

Dear Melo,

These are challenging times for you I know.  You don't like Denver. Or at least you don't like the Nuggets ownership.  The fans seem pretty cool, and I'm sure the weather and stuff is generally nice.  But anyway, the world knows you're despondent there.  And you want the Knicks, which I get, New York is a big market and you'd be starting right away.  But I want to talk to you about another city, another opportunity for you, that you may not have thought about it.  All the trade talk right now doesn't help you. You'd have to go wherever Denver sends you.  You'd be much much better off waiting for the offseason so you can go wherever you want to go. So you can play with the team you want to play with.  Because you've already made a lot of money, and one of the things you're missing is rings.

I could spend time disparaging the Knicks, because come on, they're the Knicks.  They've made great strides this year. Great ones.  And with Amare and Felton they're going to be very good going forward. However, before you begin to think about how great a Mike D'Antoni offense with you as the centerpiece would look on tv. And before you imagine playing with Amare for a half decade. I want to point this out.  Your team will probably do well in the regular season because this is still the eastern conference (there is no shame in finishing 2nd in the division the Celtics). And your team will likely make the playoffs because, this is still the eastern conference (just like there is no shame in getting bounced from the playoffs by the Celtics). But, D'Antoni has never been able to win more than the regular season with his offensive system partially because his defensive system was continually “Just go try guys and then run back really fast and score again.” And while this woks well in the regular season because you can take strong advantage of weak teams, it does not generally work well in the playoffs because late round playoff teams are almost always very very good defensive teams.  I'm not going to remind you of all that because it doesn't make my suggestion look better if I tear down your dream of Madison Square Garden.


I know the Nets don't sound like a great option.  And for the most part, that's because they aren't.  It's not that the Nets have bad players.  The Nets have a lot of gifted players who give great effort. It's just that apart from Lopez the Nets are not blessed with starters.  The second best shooter on their team just got traded to them off of LA's bench.  Is that what you want your near future to be? First round rookies and guys that weren't good enough to start on their old team?  I'm sorry, I'm doing it again. None of this is going to make my suggestion any more attractive than it already is.  I've just been thinking about what would be best for you and you sir deserve better than the Nets, New Jersey or Brooklyn. 


Other teams will certainly be talking to you. Chicago perhaps.  Or maybe the Clippers.  All the poor teams that did their level best to woo Lebron last year will take a crack at you. Like you're the door prize at a cake walk.  Teams that are missing more than one piece will chase you, convinced you're the solution, because to be fair--you count as two pieces at least.  LA weather is hard to argue with. And you'd get the chance to try to steal Kobe's town right from under him. Because lets be honest, Kobe isn't exactly a likeable guy.  And if anyone in the league could do it you could buddy.



But stay with me for a moment. I promise you it will turn out to be worth your time. Play in Boston. I know that Boston hasn't exactly been wooing you. We didn't have anyone call you, like Amare and the Knicks.  But Boston can offer you two things that no one else in the League can. To play the remainder of your career with Kendrick Perkins and Rajon Rondo. In less than 5 years Peirce, Allen and Garnett will have retired. But Rondo and Perk are both very young and will have plenty of basketball in them beyond that time.  Here's the thing. If you join Boston's rotation. Between now and when the Current Big Three retire you will be playing on the best basketball team of the salary cap era. And more to the point will win every title there is to be won in that time. And then, they will step down. Play golf on their weekends and champion international charities. And there you'll be, 5 consecutive titles in your pocket already. And then between you Rondo and Perkins begins the era of the Biggest Three. I don't see any reason that you wouldn't be able to retire with more than a dozen rings. With the longest streak of consecutive titles. The league would probably even try to change the structure of play in order to balance things out. But short of separating the Biggest Three with bullets, machetes, or exile, it wouldn't matter. Then you could retire as the single greatest champion that any sport has ever seen. It is possible that Rondo and Perkins would have one or two more rings than you, but the thing is, no one would be able to talk about their rings without talking about you.


This is an incredibly unique and powerful opportunity not only to be remembered as one of the greats, but the chance to be remembered as the Greatest of All Time. We'd probably start calling you The GOAT before you retired. We'd go to games in your t-shirts. We would cheer at every dunk. Laud you in a way that no basketball town could. And then your number can go in the rafters in the arena that only hangs championship banners.


Just imagine next year. Against certain teams we could slide you in at the 4, move KG to 5 and you and the Captain could take turns making the opposing defense look like amateurs. Against other line ups we slide Ray “I'm so good I don't need a nickname” Allen out and put The Truth (I”m so good I have many nicknames) in his stead with you at the 3. And abuse teams with our combined size and quickness. You know what it felt like knowing that you had to guard Pierce. Now imagine the next best defender on your team having to think those thoughts because the best defender is going to be tied up trying to stop you. Think how much easier it's going to be with a gifted passer getting you the ball in locations where you can do what you want, what you're best at, and not having to create the offense for yourself. Imagine. Not just the best of this generation. Not the best that hasn't won a title. Not, one of the best there's been. But The Greatest Of All Time.




A martial artist that is also a Celtics fan.



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