nhl has this needs to pick this up.

i recently found this out. the nhl has changed the all star game..  they let the fans vote for a starting line up. (6 players including the goalie) after that the players/coaches.etc.. fill out the rest.

so the nba would only have the fans vote for 2 guards. 2 forwards 1 center.. which would probably end up. kobe, wade, lebron, durant and howard.. then the players and coaches/writers fill out the remaining 25 players.. this year the nba all star game is in LA. so they could have magic johnson (laker great) be captain and bob mcadoo (clipper great, if possible) be the other. a coin flip determines first pick. i think this is how it would go..

Magic pick 1- kobe    BM- lebron

Magic- howard           BM- durant

Magic- pau                  BM- wade   

Magic- rose                 BM- d.williams

Magic- manu              BM- amare

magic picks his coach- (who are still the team with the best record) coach pop. BM gets doc to coach his team

they could tape the draft once the other 21 players have been selected. giving the captains 26 to choose from. 13 players to each team.. which should be a couple weeks before the game anyways. they could cut away to each captains picks during the dunk, skills challenge and 3 point shoot out instead of boring us with wnba players. 

can you imagine rosters that put teammates on different sides like kg and rose playing vs howard and rondo. or pierce coming down the court and seeing ray deffending him. i think it would add something to the game. doc havin to coach against kg or rondo? pop goes against duncan? 

the league can bring back legends. if boston has the all star game they can bring bird to draft one team vs russell or mchale. chicago can bring jordan to draft vs pippen. its a way to keep legends in the minds to remind who came before the current players. barkley drafts a team vs moses malone.  

its already a popularity contest. so atleast this limits the contest to one team. players who live in the smaller markets have a shot to make it instead of a player like yao being selected. or last year iverson taking a spot away from a guard who deserved it more..  

its a very interesting way of doing an all star game. it puts some fun into it. it also might be a little more competetive because would lebron want to lose to wade? kobe ok with pau beating him?  the players would vote griffin in. love would have a better chance. 

the players/coaches/writers/etc.. would have to pick up 8 forwards and guards. 3 centers. and 2 'any player'

i think the rest of the roster would/should be

8 forwards kg, amare, dirk, pau, melo, love, odom and pierce

8 guards. d. williams, paul, westbrook, rondo, rose, felton, joe johnson, monta ellis.

3 centers. horford, bogut, okafor.

2 'any players' blake griffin... the new human highlight film. plus it gives the clipper fans a reason to attend.

and  tim duncan one of the best pf's to play. not many years left.   shaq could get some votes in this spot.    

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