2 for the future

We all know it. The window of opportunity is going to close pretty soon on the PP/KG/RA era. Then what? Well, what will we have left?


We'll have a superior PG ... who thrives in making assists. And he will no longer have Hall of Famers comnverting his passes.

And we'll have a really solid defensive center.

And not much else. We're going to lose Davis (though I would love to keep him). And if we can hold on to D west, that will be very good. And ... then what?

To me, we have 2 guys with possible up-side futures:

- Von Wafer. What we have seen is that he actually CAN play. He can defend, rebound, and score. He is CAPABLE in talent terms of being a very good player at the 2. And he has responded to the KG culture by showing an almost shocking ability to play hard and smart, at least for short periods of time.

Of course, he has not totally lived down his flaky rep. I guarantee nothing.With the elders moved on, will he be able to remain focused? Who knows.

What I am saying is that he has demonstrated the potential to POSSIBLY be a pretty high level starting 2. If I am D A, I lock V W up now, while he's cheap, and see whether we can develop him into a star. I think that's a chance worth taking.

- Semih Erden. This guy has major potential, IMO. Lots of people have ripped him. I never get that.

Erden is an athletic 7 footer who actually has hands and moves. See him in one play and you realize he has 3 times Perkins' offensive ceiling. Perkins will NEVER be able to handle a ball, move, and score like Erden can.

And Erden is a fairly athletic, hustling rebounder, as is discussed in the front page article on him today. He blocks shots. He defends with pretty quick feet.

Does he need to learn how not to foul? Sure. And refs need to come to respect him to give him a chance to play. He has a lot to learn ad probably some strength to develop.

But. A guy who is 7 feet tall and has quick feet, skilled hands, and intensity to the extent Erden has at the age of 24 has a higher all-around upside than Perkins ever had. Erden could come a lot closer to Perkins' defensive ability than Perkins will ever come to his offense.

So, what do we have looking ahead?

Rondo. Perkins. Hopefully, D West.

And, I hope, Semih Erden, with a flyer taken on Von Wafer.

That would leave a lot of holes, and we'd still need a couple of true studs at the forward slots. But we would be building on some really promising players with a lot left in the tank.

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