davis and rumors..

with all these names being 'available'  prince, hamilton, randolph, nash, miller

i wonder if the celtics have enough to land a player or NEED to trade for a player..

 with perk back. shaq playing well. semih better than expected. west coming back soon. and ainge saying JO will have an impact later this season. i'm starting to wonder if ainge is going to shop davis and nate. he didnt drop von wafer. so he would still have a back up guard. he can move draft picks. and give bradley up if needed. and has wallace waiting in the wings from what the reports are..

a name that ainge has been on record for wanting in the draft when he came out is danny granger.

the link here is larry bird has hinted he may not return next year. would he pull a 'mchale' and send granger and a cheap big (we'll go with mcroberts) to boston for avery bradley, nate, baby and picks (2 first rounders).. then step down after the season. indy gets a pf next to hibbert. a young guard in bradley and nate. wich makes tj ford available to package with dunleavy or straight up...  

would giving up baby put to much pressure on perk, shaq, JO, semih and kg.. sounds odd but baby is the only player that everyone should be comfortable playing high min on an every day basis. kg needs to rest his knee, shaq his lower body, jo..everything, semih is learning the system. perk has limitations due to his knee. wallace not in shape, he wasnt last year at this point why would he be now.

 does trading all these players clear up the rasheed wallace return? they would have the room with out moving a luke, semih, von aka the hustle type players..

can peirce, ray and granger coexist enough to make every one valuable? granger can play the 2 or 3. making west the 1. daniels the other player involved at the 2 or 3.

larry bird ok with doing the trade, he lives in indy. so he would here the talks and bashing if people dont like the trade.


i dont think nash, prince would be as interesting to ainge because of the age and wear on there bodys. AND giving up that pakage for nash to come off the bench doesnt make sense. prince isnt enough for that deal.  granger is young and never been injured. rondo played with granger in the off season so they can build with the two of them.

hamilton may get released. but they would need to release von, or luke to make it happen.  they could actually involve detroit in this trade moving hamilton to indy for tj ford.. making ford and hamilton happy to get out of the current situations. or just do the two team deal. and hope hamilton will join after being released giving them way to much talent. hamilton and granger joining daniels, west, ray, rondo & pp. to many players not enough minutes 

randolph(s) & miller i cant see the celtics having interest in..

i cant see philly giving iggy for the same package. they have young pf's and pg's.. so that would only be to get picks and rent davis.

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