Should Erden also play and be utilized at the power forward postion?

Ok so far this season Erden who is listed by some sources as not just a center but also a power forward (links below) has been to date solely utilized only at the center position and not yet at the power forward position.

The question is in a addition to playing center would Erden also be useful to the Celtics if  his length and quickness was utilized at the power forward position also, especially when the C's play teams with long power forwards?

Currently the only power forward on the roster with length is KG, since  J.O. is  out with his knee injury and the only other power forwards available are undersized Baby and Luke. 

J.O. was suppose to be our long power forward off the bench (though Doc has not utilized him at the position to date I am sure he eventually  would of at some point this season especially against teams with long front courts like the Mavs or Lakers etc.) but since he is out injured and just in case he is limited the rest of the season I think there will be times when the C's will need a long power forward to fill in behind KG for spot duty at times especially come playoff time when the C's face long front courts again like the Lakers etc.

I think since no one else can do the job on the roster (unless the C's add another big later this season) maybe it would be wise to give Erden a shot at doing so and groom him to play the position in case he is needed.

Since Erden has combined  length, size , speed and athleticism I assume he would be able to play the 4 position well and would match up well  (physically at least) against many power forwards in the NBA.

A good test if Erden can play the 4 position I assume would be against LA this weekend.

If LA goes with 7 footers Bynum at the 5 and Gasol at the 4 for example and lets say KG is in foul trouble or needs a blow and Gasol is having his way with undersized Baby, I think it would be interesting and a wise move for Doc to throw Erden on Gasol as he has the speed, length and size to match up against him at least physically rather well I assume.

Again I think its important as we enter the playoffs and especially when KG needs rest, gets in foul trouble or gets injured that the C's have a long power forward on the bench ready to go for spot duty if needed.

Since J.O. who would of been our long power forward off the bench and is questionable with his knee issue I think (unless the C's acquire another big who can also play the 4 position) it would be nice to see and wise also to maybe groom Erden to play the 4 position since he is the only one on the bench with length currently who can probably play the position .

Anyone else have thoughts on the matter?

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