with the recent knockout handed to him by tony allen.. memphis has been shopping o.j. mayo. just curious on how celtics fans feel about a trade between the teams.

i know the grizzlies would ask for alot. and i know the celtics dont need to make any moves.. let alone one that changes the rotation as much as this would. BUT. with d.west coming back soon, perk on the way back. add in that oj mayo doesnt make that much money. would it benefit the c's to move avery, nate, semih and a draft pick for oj mayo and say a sam young low money type player..

any of those 3 trades works money wise. semih and avery wont be rotation players in the playoffs. so for this year its nate for mayo. oj is also young enough and has played along side rondo (usa team over the summer)

the c's bench would turn into d.west, mayo, daniels, davis, o'neal's. he is a long term replacement for ray, and a player that can give ray some much needed rest to save his legs for the playoff push..also, miami would not have a bench player to handle oj. wade would be tired chasing ray than change gears and have to deal with mayo. so than the attention would only be finding pauls replacement. they would have 4 positions locked in for the future post big 3 team. (rondo, mayo, davis, perk) then re-sign west and daniels. and its a solid foundation already built.


do the celtics have enough to offer with out giving to much?  is nate and avery's value level high enough for a memphis team to say ok? memphis could start TA and conley than have nate and avery off the bench.

are the celtics willing to move avery already?

is mayo better than the  nate/avery/semih/harangody/draft pick combo.

with von wafer playing well lately, it puts another body infront of avery for playing time.

 with the JO return and perk practicing would semih be needed?

is shaq/jo/perk/kg going to make it the rest of the season for ainge to feel comfortable giving up semih.. instead of semih has luke harangody an option that memphis would take? 

when all is said and done i think mayo could help this team now and in 3 years. so if he is possible for them to get. nate/avery/luke/draft pick or the pick/nate/avery/semih combo. either i think the celtics should jump at the chance to add a young 20 pt scorer.  is chris wallace any smarter now than he has shown in the past. the pau trade seemed terrible bit marc gasol saved his job. is avery and semih enough to save his job if he took this trade..

i cant tell if i'm dreaming when i thought of this trade or do i really think the c's can offer enough picks and the only young talent they have to get oj mayo.. is 2 first round picks too much for him? is this the memphis version of the bruins trading kessel away for 3-4 draft picks. but nate is needed to make the money work? why hasnt the nets tarded for him already, they have 5 picks over the next 2 years. lopez and mayo would be a great fit together.

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