Worst. Celtic. Ever. (Vote)

To start, we have to lay some ground rules.  I was pretty vague in my solicitation for names and some great clarifying questions came out of it.  In particular, what is "worst" and does "Celtic" include non-players?  So here are the clarifications.

  • Players only: I think we could do another category on owners, GMs, coaches, etc. and the choices would be pretty obvious.  So lets stick to on-court performers (or non-performers as it were).
  • At least (roughly) half a season.  No 10 day contract guys.  But guys picked up at the trade deadline or shortly thereafter are eligible.  Looking at you Mikki Moore.
  • Cost to the Celtics can factor in.  Expensive free agents, high draft picks, and guys acquired via trade for lopsided compensation all have a relative value associated with them.  So Vin Baker and Mark Blount might have had better stats than say Brian Scalabrine, but I value the red head much, much higher than those two stiffs.  Also, Jerome Moiso might have scored more points than Joe Forte, but he was also a much higher draft pick.
  • Impact on the Celtics can play a role too.  While Gabe Pruitt was close to worthless, he was also the last guy on the bench while Eric Montross was once our starting center of the future.
  • Don't bother trying to be objective.  This is about as subjective as it gets.

With that as the backdrop, here are your best nominations (as decided by me).

The Big Money Guys:

The Bad Draft Picks:

  • Gerald Green - couldn't find his way out of a wet paper bag but boy could he dunk.  (Pick 18)
  • Kedrick Brown - see Green, Gerald except that it was pick 11
  • Eric Montross - 9th pick, center of the future, lasted 2 years
  • Jerome Moiso - 11th pick, lasted a year
  • Joe Forte - Maybe Red's worst pick ever but it only cost us a 21st pick
  • Michael Smith - drafted ahead of Tim Hardaway, Shawn Kemp and others

The Other Guys:

  • Mikki Moore - We were warned by Kings fans but we held out hope, for about a day.
  • Shelden Williams - I'll never forget how badly he played in the Finals. Never.
  • Patrick O'Bryant - I think he must have been the one that ignored KG's tutoring.  Not a good plan.
  • Acie Earl - 14 assists in 2 years in Boston
  • Pervis Ellison - Never Nervous or Never Playing - you decide
  • Stephon Marbury - big name, little game in Boston, headed for internet meltdown shortly after

Guys I Am Not Old Enough To Remember Clearly:

  • Eric Fersten - has a boring wikipedia page
  • Curtis Rowe and Sidney Wicks - "Come on, fellas, there ain't no W's and L's on our paychecks!" - Rowe

I'm sure I missed some, but feel free to correct me in the comments.

Lots of good (or bad) choices.  Only one can be the worst.  You decide.

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