Should Pierce come off the bench ?

Ok if we have a season this year and the Celtics stick with the core to make one more run at a banner , one of the more interesting topics of debate which could be revisited again is if the Celtics should have Paul Pierce come off the  bench and in his place start Jeff Green (if he is retained) as Danny Ainge himself  last spring suggested he may be open to doing this year when interviewed on WEEI radio and by the Boston Globe. (see 2 links below for more info) .


I think this is a very interesting debate that merits some discussion especially if the lock out ever ends and the season ever gets underway .

I personally see 2 important positive aspects of starting Pierce over Green  which would be:

1) You would have your best talented allstar small forward starting to go head to head against opposing starting teams small forwards (which most nights is a advantage for the C's) instead of  Green who though I think is a up and coming young talent, does not at this time in his career have the caliber of talent as Pierce does.

2) Pierce meshes well and has a good chemistry with the current starting core which at this time Green does not have.

On the other hand though I also see 4 important positive aspects of starting Green over Pierce which would be:

1) By starting Green the C's would be getting some young, athletic legs in the starting line up which the Celtics starting unit is in dire need of I think.

2) By starting Green it would give him the necessary minutes and experience to develop his game and help groom him as a possible small forward of the future for the C's or at worst a more tradable trade chip asset to help the C's trade for another team player & team need down the line. 

3) By moving Pierce to the bench it would probably help reduce his minutes and workload this year and allow him to take advantage of the fact he would be matched up against 2nd line bench players.

4) By moving Pierce to the bench it would give the C's a mega weapon off the bench and probable instant  6th man player award winner. 


Moving Pierce, a allstar Celtic to the bench would be a interesting maybe bold move as it was when the C's moved allstar Celtic Kevin Mchale to the bench in the latter years of his career.

When Mchale was moved to the bench he did not miss a beat and was still as effective as he was as a starter.

With all of the above said I would not mind seeing the C's experiment early on in the season by starting Green and moving Pierce to the bench, just to give it a try and see how it works out.

What do the rest of you guys think?

Is it worth trying or something the C's should avoid doing?

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