Some thoughts from this 150 day lockout... To Now!

1. The players & owners are dummies, they could have just agreed to this same exact deal right before the cancellation of first set of games, its almost identical to that offer

2. Celtics got alot of work to do during this free-agency

 - I say they make a hard push for Jamal Crawford to accept the veterans minimum, attack any HEALTHY BIG man on the market, & see what they can piece together in a few trades here & there.

3. It is clear this is Garnett, & Jermaine O'neal's last year in the NBA, look at Games 4 & 5 vs. Heat, & you'll see what i'm talking bout. unless they did some extraordinary work over the offseason, i HATE to say it, but their done.

4. I'm not saying KG & JO can't help, but expecting anything over 20 minutes a game out of them, is a bit bizarre. Plus we will have a fair amount of back-to-back-to-back game, & day & night double headers.

5. Remember Danny Ainge said he would think about moving one or two of the BIG three to the bench, to cut down on their minutes? That don't sound too shabby to me now, i believe Ray, & KG will benefit, & do fairly well coming off the bench, not that i'm rooting for this, but it don't seem to be a HORRIBLE idea, what you think? Pierce of course can not come off the bench, cause everything about him is routine... it just wont work bringing Pierce off the bench

6. I believe the Celtics have an outside shot at a championship this year... not going to sit here & sugar coat it, the roster the C's have now will not survive this rugged season we are about to have... Lord knows i wouldn't mind at all being wrong right now, but that's the way i feel at this point... until they do something in this Free-Agency, i'm sticking to that...

7. I think we all know Danny Ainge already got tons of trade scenarios up his sleeves, just hope it don't include Rondo, Pierce, Green, or West, feel like that's the future of this team.

8. Been saying since Game 5 vs. Heat that "Big Baby has got to go" i'm still sticking to that, but the chances of him being out of Boston probably has trimmed way down with the extent of this lockout, Boston will offer him some weak contract that he would just have to accept, won't be many other teams fighting for him...

9. I still think its important we keep West, & Green, they are the future of this team, along with Rondo, & Pierce... in my opinion

10. The Atlantic division won't be no pushover no more for the Celtics with the Knicks, 76'ers, & Nets on the rise, Celtics gotta stay focused game after game, will be a tight race down to the end, especially with a shortened season of 66 games.

11. Season start December 25th 2011(Christmas) at 12:00 ET. The Celtics will open up the season, just as last year against the Knicks in Madison Square Garden. The Lakers will take on the Bulls next in LA. Then the Mavericks will defend their title vs. the Heat in Dallas to close the FIRST day of the season out

12. All Star weekend is still scheduled for Orlando at the same time, everything else get pushed back a week to 10 days backwards. Which means season probably won't end till mid-June

13. Free Agency for the 2012-2013 season begin July 1st 2012

14. Training Camps & Free-Agency for the 2011-2012 season starts, if all go as planned on December 9th. Free Agency period will last about a week & a half... BUCKLE UP, THIS WILL BE BETTER THAN THE NFL's FREE-AGENT FRENZY.

15.Celtics have 3 rookies (Gilbert Brown, JuJuan Johnson, & E'twaun Moore) that they'll have to decode if they will sign or not.

16. Celtics enter Training camp with 6 players on their roster (1. Pierce 2. Rondo 3. Allen 4. Garnett 5. O'neal 6. Bradley)

17. This season will be something interesting

18.The Heat still don't have a point guard, so does the Lakers

19. The Knicks still don't have a defense, we should start off 1-0 again this year

20. Aren't you glad this lockout is over? I am. And i'm ready to get rolling... TeamCeltics

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