So the Lockout is over, Whats next for the Celtics???

I have been on the idea that this roster is too old to win the championship ever since we lost to the lakers in the finals. Kg just doesnt looks the same with age and something got to give if we want to stay in contention. The heat are a team we wont be able to beat and the knicks are bound to be better. We are stuck financially so we wont be able to get much thru free agency. Will on mid-level guy really do the trick?  So what to the celtics do??

 Here a few possible options that could transform this roster to be a contender and also a few other ideas that could just inject this team with some much needed youth. But, I think we do need to go in one of these directions.


1.) Stay put and sign the right guys.

-Resign big baby(very important if we stay put)

He did play terrible down the stretch but, we did see what he can do for this team and also there are not many free agents to choose from to replace his size. I think he should see more minutes that KG in the regular season. KG is the key and without his offense and D we have no chance. He always gets beat up and run down by the all star break. Maybe even start BBD and keep KG's minutes in the 20's.


-Sign mle guard that can shoot he rock/possibly a guy that count close out the games at point

Jason Richardson, Jamal crawford, jj barea,stevenson,


-Sign bigs with tuffness rather that athletic with Potential

-Get a couple big guys like Jeff Foster,Kurt Thomas, Reggie Evans, Chuck Hayes.


2.) Make a Trade that could keep us contenders but also help transition to the future. 

- Sign and trade BBD or Jeff Green(add rondo to the mix if it means a super star)

If BBD has trade value then maybe it is a good time to move on. I was on the idea of trading rondo and BBD(plus fill in to make salarys work) for Chris Paul. Chris Paul is a beast. It shows in the playoffs or big games. Also would help attract Dwight Howard as a free agent.


-Trade KG or Ray Allen!

Dont know exactly what we can get, but last year there were talks of multiple teams that had interest in them to possible put them over the top. I do remember talks of possibly josh smith, (iguodola or monta ellis)(to late for these guys). I do like Josh smith, but he is overpaid. He is one of the better defenders out there and could even cover lebron athletically. But having rondo that would be 2 guys that cant shoot the ball.  Either way if we could get a player that could help and also maybe stick long term it is something to think about. Dont give them away, but if we can get the right guy I wouldnt think twice.


-Trade Rondo for Westbrook

As much as I love Rondo he is not a super star and with the big 3 aging he needs to more of a scorer. Last year at the end games we really struggled it this would be a good fit.



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