The 2011-12-13 Boston Celtics

   A few weeks ago I read an article on the salary cap of all the teams in the NBA and it explained why the Celtics made the trade of Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson and all those other guys for practically nothing. It explained alot to me of why Danny did that and how it will benefit us in the future. To sum it all up teams like Miami, LA, Chicago, and Atlanta are obligated to so much money for the next 2 years where the Celtics freed up so much cap space for the 2013 season where there is DH12 and other solid players. After we this season is over we are only obligated to pay 26 mill , not counting the addition of the new signing this year where as the lakers salary cap is up to 91 million for the next 2 years so this would be my plan for the C's.

The Celtics need a couple Big men and cheap role players. Im think the only people we resign for a Multi Deal are Jeff Green, Delonte West, Jajaun Johnson, and Avery Bradely. Then I would try to sign Big Baby for a one year deal 6-7 million dollars so that we can give him one more chance to kind of redeem himself from last year and after that We are done with him unless he grows a 5 inches, then I would resign Semih Erden for one year and as cheap as possible maybe Marquis as well. Then i would go after a big mean Center like Perkins like Dalembert for one year if we can. Then a nice swing gaurd that is searching for a opportunity  in the playoffs like Allen Iverson, or Anthony Parker for a one year deal

So are roster for next year will look like this

PG Rondo, Delonte West, Allen Iverson

SG Ray Allen, Avery Bradely, Anthony Parker

SF Paul Pierce, Jeff Green,

PF KG, Glen Davis, Jajaun Johnson

C Jermaine, Dalembert, Semih Erden

The reason Why I am thinking We should sign everyone for only a year is because then we will have a lot of room in are salary cap for the year of DH12 and a lot of options to do what we want with the team.

Please Tell Me your Thoughts, Thanks

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