Jeff Green's Mystery Medical Issue "A Big Concern"

What ails you?
Jeff Green and the team have been doing their best to downplay the mystery medical issue that came up in his physical. Up to now I've taken their word on it. But now they seem to be changing their tune a bit.

Boston Celtics' Doc Rivers -- Jeff Green's absence 'a concern' - ESPN Boston

Despite inking a one-year, $9 million contract at the start of free agency, Green has been held out of practice due to a medical red flag that appeared during his routine physical. Both the team and Green initially downplayed the significance, but Rivers admitted that each day that passes makes it a bigger issue in his mind, especially in a condensed preseason.

"It is a concern. It's a big concern," said Rivers. "Whenever anything is red-flagged and they gotta redo [medical tests], you get concerned. But we just have to wait and see."

Rivers hinted the results of those follow-up tests might be in, but that a consultation with additional doctors could be delaying the process. Asked how Green was handling the situation, Rivers admitted it was challenging for the player.

Those last two sentences might concern me the most. Sounds like something that could be serious and at the very least a delicate issue to monitor going forward. It is hard to say because nobody is willing to discuss it. On one hand, that's their right and it might be for Jeff's best interests to keep a lid on it.

However, it has to be brought up again that this administration hasn't exactly been forthcoming with the media and fans with medical information. Remember the "Belichickian" move of stringing fans along until the playoffs kicked off before calling KG out? Remember just a year ago waiting "another couple weeks" for Shaq to return, ...every two weeks?

Regardless, if the team is starting to admit that it is "a big concern" then I'm definitely starting to get concerned. I would imagine if it is serious enough the team could cancel the contract (these things are always "pending a physical" and that would be why he's being held out of practices). On the other hand, they've also been known to either waive a physical or accept damaged goods (remember Raef Lafrentz?).

So we wait and see. Hopefully it will be much ado about nothing, but we just don't know.

Finally, above all else, here's hoping (and praying) that all is or will be well for Jeff.

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