211 days since the Cs have played,

Pierce and Pavlovic--at home they stayed.

First half we saw Wilcox, rebounds had he,

LSomething the Cs always love to see.
(Active, solid ) above the rim, is where we'll find Bass,

He'll get used to Rondo's sliding bounce pass.

Ray at quick forward, still sharp as can be,

JO and Marquis, confident and comfy are they,

They have come to win, they want to play!

Let's talk about our new guys who came from Purdue,

They spent four years in college--that really shows through.
First half 14 points, 10 assists, and rebounds 10,

KG/Ray/Rondo combined--our core men.

Q3 there was action at the offensive glass,

Loads of team energy, and thanks to Bass.
KG got tossed around , landed on the floor,

I bet tomorrow these guys will be sore.

Q4 saw the debut of the Cs' Gilbert Brown,

If you know Pitt and The Big East, you've seen him around.
The energy from Bradley, of course, Wilcox and Bass,

Active JO, Marquis...and KG didn't just pass.

Johnson and Moore played together toward the end

Cool for each of them to play with a friend.
In came Stiemsma, giving a rest to Bass,

(Did I mention I love him on the offensive glass?)

4 left in Q4 we saw the new kids on the block,

Mostly an experiment, see what they can do, thought Doc.
Johnson was "player" and "defensive player of the year,"

In the Big Ten! We need that around here.

Terrible call against him, with Tommy I agree.,

Different rules for the new guys he'll soon see.

Toward the end of Q4 many changes in the lead,

According to Doc, a win we don't need.

He feels during pre-season, doesn't matter if we lose,

Seems only natural this win by one we would choose!

KG, Ray, Rondo, Pierce will have to lead,

Guidance is what the new guys will all need.

Today's combinations, gotta love the pace,

Wait til you hear the crowd when they get to our place!

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