Who will make it for the C's last 2 roster spots?

The Celtics had a nice game against the Toronto Raptors, we really did see the potential of the team especially of the much-improved bench. Marquis Daniels for me will be the leader of the Boston Bench mob, while Bass will be their Go-to guy. I really love the hustle of Wilcox, he is really worth of the team's MLE. Dooling provides that much-needed stability for the PG position that we lacked for years but the C's still have 2 roster spots left, who will win it?

With Jeff Green's departure (get well soon Jeff, we will see you next season to help get raise that "Banner 19" and defend the C's championship), the SF spot became thin. And for the other roster spot, I think it will be alloted for the Center position. As we can see with the bench, everything is complete except the role for a 3pt shooter/perimeter defender player. In the free agency market we can only choose from these players, Stevenson, Thornton, and Posey. We could also add Gilbert Brown to the list.

Stevenson Strengths: Great 3 pt Shooter, Great Perimeter Defender (Note: He can guard and TRASH TALK Lebron), Has Championship Credentials, WIll Provide Toughness.

Stevenson Weaknesses: Some On/Off Court Issues, Has some offensive deficiencies (cannot create his own offense).

Thornton Strengths: Athletic, big wing at 6'8" , has the potential to be a great defender.

Thornton Weaknesses: No 3pt shot, as of now he is still an average/below average defender, although the potential is there.

Posey Strengths: Still has that 3pt shot but not as deadly as before, former member of the Celtics (familiarity of the system)

Posey Weaknesses: old, already lost his athleticism and his defensive instincts, far from his 2008 version.

Brown Strengths: Young, Athletic, Has that 3 pt Shot.

Brown Weaknesses: Still a rookie, his defense is still questionable if it already reached NBA-level, although multiple critics acknowledge its defensive prowess (like Avery Bradley)

And for the Center position, players that would be decent addition to the team (mainly to have stocks of Bigs, and of course to backup JO) would be C's white guy Greg Stiemsma, Joel Pryzbilla, and hold your breath.. Sean Williams.

Stiemsma Strengths: Block Shots, Decent Size at 6'11 260 lbs., Young.

Stiemsma Weaknesses: Not Athletic (Big man nowadays in NBA should be athletic not only big, if not you will just be overpowered by other smaller athletic guards or forwards, see Glen Davis and the Miami Heat), still a rookie, and I think he does not provide any intimidating presence down low.

Pryzbilla Strengths Decent Size at 7'1" 245 lbs., Blocks Shots, Rebounds well.

Pryzbilla Weaknesses: INJURY PRONE and not athletic

Williams Strengths: PROVIDES THAT INTIMIDATING PRESENCE DOWN LOW, INCREDIBLY block shots with his 7'9" wing span, young, has SUPERIOR athleticism.

Williams Weaknesses: well he has some on/off court issues (which will not be an issue with a team full of veteran leaders like KG, Pierce and Allen), lacks offense, commitment to his job is questionable.

Now the question is, who will you choose to complete the team? For the wing I'll go with either Stevenson or Thornton, and in the Center position, no doubt, Sean Williams. Give him a chance dude, I don't know but I think of him as a more mobile and athletic version of Perk.

What's in your mind?

Thoughts are much appreciated. Go C's!

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