Attempting to Figure Out the Cause of the Rondo-Personality Rumor

In spite of the Celtics assuring Rajon Rondo's agent that he is "their guy", and basically saying that he should ignore the biggest story in the NBA currently, I am weary of that proclamation due to one rumored reason for a possible trade. Today, it was revealed that perhaps Rajon is wearing out his welcome in Boston, due to his personality more than his play. It's always been the current team's dirty little secret: That Rondo maybe bumps heads with guys too often and shows lackluster leadership capabilities. I still remember the portion of ESPN's "The Association" where it is described that Rondo and Kevin Garnett have a big brother-little brother relationship, in that one moment they are fighting, and the next moment high fiving. In retrospect, maybe enough wasn't being let on about that connection between the old and the new.

If you remember, two years ago Doc Rivers was quoted as telling Rondo "Do you know your teammates hate playing with you?". Danny Ainge also said two years ago that "The single biggest thing with him is getting him to compete night in and night out.". Could it be that those gripes still exist today? It's hard to say, but it's easy to speculate on what was the potential final straw was on this potential rumor:

  • Rondo ran up the team's hotel bill during the season compulsively calling Kendrick Perkins.
  • Breathed in Garnett's general direction.
  • Brought up that "chair throwing thing" with Nenad Kristic, causing Kristic to hurl a bellhop across a Marriott lobby.
  • Said Sasha Pavlovic looked "better with a hairnet" and that "even that sucked".
  • Called Austin Rivers a ballhog.
  • Asked Ray Allen if he could still grow hair.
  • Asked Garnett how he spent his Thanksgiving.
  • Shockingly showed up in pictures recently weighing 265 pounds.
  • Took Lawrence Frank out drinking.
  • Kept trying to start a "Shrek and Donkey" relationship with Glen Davis, except he wanted to call it "Green Eggs and Ham" due to the color coordination and Davis's resemblance to a ham.
  • Still complaining about his cut from Team USA, despite the fact that he probably never cared about it to begin with.
  • Said DeSean Jackson "was probably trying too hard".
  • Thought Community deserves its possible cancellation.
  • Is going to vote Republican in the next election no matter what, to somehow prove he is a better jump shooter than President Obama said he was.
  • Kept asking for Perkins to be "untraded", and for Jeff Green "to just go away".
  • Asked Danny Ainge if Tree Rollins gave him rabies.
  • The Celtics front office found out he was writing relationship columns under the pseudonym Nojar Odnor for the underground publication Scuz Bi-Weekly.
  • Refused to work on jump shot during lockout, instead focusing on "how many times he could make KG make that grunting noise".

I don't know what the future holds for Rondo, but I hope if personality is the issue that is allowing Ainge to shop him, it gets resolved, and fast. For all of his faults, Rondo is still the future of the aging franchise. He can be headstrong, he can lose interest sometimes. But he is necessary for the long run, and I sincerely wish that these petty issues can be ironed out.

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