My suggestion:

We all know the starting 5 rotation already which is

Pg: Rondo

Sg: Ray Ray

Sf: Paul Pierce

Pf: KG

C: Jermaine

But the main problem is the bench there is too many good point guards and too many shooting guards but here is my suggestion.

Pg: Keyon/ AB / Moore

Sg: Marquis/ AB

Sf: Pavlovic

Pf: Bass/ JJ

C: Greg/ Wilcox/ Bass

Well that's my suggestion for the rotation but after last night game between the raptors I really like the duo between AB and Moore they are both fast and can really be nasty in the fastbreak but the only problem is that neither one them can execute the play but for both of them they have a great defense at the other side.

I was thinking if AB can play the point and Moore at the 2 Guard that would be great since he can shoot and probably can finish the play but my problem is where's keyon gonna be at I mean he's a terrific ball handler and can really shoot but idk how Doc will figure this out.

Did anyone saw Greg tonight he was a beast hahaha. . . . . he could really help us out but we already have wilcox and I really don't think that Greg wouldn't get so much playing time and that goes for JJ and for him all I can say is that he looks like D12 no doubt and with all the help from KG imma say that JJ would be a terrific PF and get stronger in the next couple of years if Doc gives him more mins tho that would be great.

If Doc puts Bass at the center and JJ at PF that would be great but that's my thought about the rotation but let me think what you think about this rotation and see if you celtics fan have a better rotation than mines.

Oh and one more thing who would you fill in the last 2 roster spot??? and why??? and I know that there's alot of FA and good players out there but choose wisely doh we need someone to actually help the team out to actually be in a title run once again.

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