On Christmas there  was a team in the Garden, 
The Celtics, whose resolve did harden.
Causeway Street? Not there,
It was at Madison Square.
From Ogden Nash I request a pardon.

Doc says "...we're a no-excuse basketball team,"
All in pursuit of the Banner 18 dream.
Rondo's a one man fast break, 
To the hoop the ball he'll take,
Cs are struggling without Pierce it would seem.

Q1 was a tough test for the Cs,
Never thought this would be a breeze,
Our new guys came out, 
Doc wanted to shout,
Let's bring Spike Lee to his knees.

Remember Wilcox was a Knick, 
And so when the action was quick,
To Melo he passed, 
Not thinking too fast,
To his stomach he must have felt sick.

Q2 double techs Toney and Ray,
Several turnovers, so far not Ray's day.
Aggressive are the Knicks, 
The Cs hardly set picks,
Doc says we're "...soft, soft,"  let's play!

All of a sudden in the middle of Q2
Brandon Bass knew what to do, 
Three and a half minutes, points eight, 
He must keep playing great,
While Rondo continues to break through.

First half Rondo and Bass did score,
Without Pierce there was a hole in the core,
The others were slow,
Not much give and go, 
From KG and Ray Cs need more.

7:11 left in Q3-- tied 69,
Rondo took Melo's elbow, he 's fine, 
Been waiting to see,
Of Celtics Basketball a very clear sign!

JO took a charge in Q3,
Alley Oop Ray to JO we did see, 
Rondo's 40 foot pass, 
To Marquis, not Bass, 
Seems a Celtic Rondo really wants to be!

Bass has been putting on quite a show,
As if the Cs system he already does know, 
With help from Ray, 
That JO can play,
It's ok their starting pace was slow.

Ray Allen twenty-five sixty-three, 
Q4 Knicks had Melo,
Quite the scoring fellow,
So many fouls on both teams did we see.

Rondo played great, all over the floor, 
He could pass and he could score.
Melo's three the game was tied,
KG scored on the Cs' side, 
It was like a playoff game in Q4!

A hard fought game is what we have seen, 
Last time the Knicks won, 2010, April Sixteen.
KG might be a trash talker, 
But with our former guy, Walker?
We are still heading toward Banner Eighteen!

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