Assessment of Celtics so far

I'm sitting here watching the celtics give up a ridiculous amount of points to Miami.. here is my assessment so far after watching 1.75 games..i realize it's too early to analyze (or is it?)

1. Kevin Garnett - i hated him last year and i hate him this year, the guy is playing scared.. any celtic fan who can't admit this is in denial.. he never goes inside and settles for jumpers against smaller defenders.. he doesnt look to me like he wants to win a championship and is just going through the motions...he was wide open under the basket and instead of dunking it he laid it in like a girl..i was praying that ainge was going to trade garnett but no such luck.. maybe before the trade deadline but nobody wants his ridiculous contract i guess..

2. Ray Allen - I guess he is in shape and still shooting well but he's also playing scared.. he played scared against the heat last year in the playoffs and im seeing a bit of that again in this game...

3. Brandon Bass - an absolutely fine addition, he needs to get more playing time, maybe he should start and KG shoudl come off the bench.. he can actually rebound and defend and goes inside.. good riddance big baby davis..

4. Wilcox - havent seen him play enough but really hope he can contribute..

5. Jermaine O'neal - this guy is an absolute bum and should have retired maybe three years ago.. there is no way he will last the entire season... who wants to bet he'll be injured by the 20th game of the season

6. Dooling - another great addition, seems like he can put up points, can shoot the three, seems to have flashes of being a gunner though, hopefully doc will keep him in check...

7. Avery Bradley - this guy absolutely does not belong in the NBA, i suspect he's another one of those players that DOc likes and that'sthe only reason he is on the team, every time i see him play he either turns the ball over or does absolutely nothing, a complete waste of a roster spot... why didnt the celtics pursue deshawn stevenson?

8;. Sasha - he is not getting enough minutes to get into the flow of the offense, they need to run some plays for him, he was a decent player in cleveland and he's still young.. doc needs to get him more involved..

9. Rondo - he seems to be the only starter that is really playing with a sense of urgency.. for the celtics to have a chance this year, i think Rondo just needs to take over and start averaging 20 points per game.. nobody in the league can cover this guy and seems like his jumper is looking better (did he actually work on his jump shot in the offseason? that was my biggest complaint about him)...

10. Daniels - i've never been a fan of this guy, he was hyped up when he came from indiana and i just dont feel he contributes enough....

Comments welcome...

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