A Rant Against Fellow Celtics Fans

0-2 is disappointing. Even if they almost pulled off a win in those 2 starts at the end of the day a win is what counts.

Still I don't understand why we gripe about a lot of things. Criticisms are normal but at least be logical about it.

People for instance has been whining about KG not scoring a lot or not doing enough on D. KG is not going to dominate offensively at this point of his career but there are reasons why no one leaves him open around the perimeter because he will drop those shots. And you're not looking hard enough if you believe that his defense is not holding up to your standards. In the Miami game you have Wade and James taking turns going inside with ease and you can't fault the defense on that. Even in James' Cleveland years, man to man, he can penetrate the defense of the Celtics but when he gets on the inside and the help defense collapses on him there's no Wade or Bosh to bail him out. With Miami, James can pass it to Wade and vice versa. Then you have to worry about Bosh cutting in the middle or in the weak side. No need to mention the shooters hanging around the perimeter if all else fails.

The zone wouldn't have worked either if we have patsies defending on the inside but KG, Bass, Daniels and later on Dooling created problems for Miami even if they were undersized.

If it's that easy for people to question KG's effort then take some time to look around the league and see where he fits among some of the big men in the East from other perceived top teams: Ryan Anderson, Elton Brand, Thaddeus Young, David West, Tyler Hansbrough, Taj Gibson, Carlos Boozer, Marvin Williams, Chris Bosh, Udonis Haslem and Amare Stoudamire. Some of these guys are better offensive players most notably Stoudamire and Bosh while some are equally good defenders like Haslem but in KG you have the full package: he will help you on both ends. Admittedly there are much better bigs than KG but player by player comparison will show us that at 35 years old he is still one of the best.

And for those who keeps on criticizing Sasha's defensive capabilities why do you always get surprised? He's Sasha Pavlovic not Shane Battier or Tony Allen. And his defensive assignment for the past 2 games were against Melo and James not some mediocre NBA player. Now if Trevor Ariza or Jarret Jack torches Sasha and the Celtics for 30 points when they play NO that will be the surprise. As for his offense, he is one of the reasons why James left Cleveland so don't get too riled up if he doesn't shoot the lights out.

if there's one criticism that holds water it's that the rotation is too short. KG, Rondo and Ray are giving up too much time on the floor. But it's been only 2 games. Perhaps Doc really wanted to win these first 2 games and when the schedule gets relatively easier hopefully we might see some reduction from the playing time of the starters and Doc going deep into the bench.

I apologize if I am upset but back in the mid 90's when Dino Radja was our best player I was crazy enough to believe that they can still contend. Why can't I be more optimistic now that we have players like Rondo, KG, Allen, Pierce and Bass?

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