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I like when we lose to Heat. Last year I liked when we beat them, but now I like when we lose. No, I'm not a LeBron's bandwagon fan, I'd like to think there aren't many bigger fans of the C's in Europe than myself. The reason is that our beloved C's learn, and that's the main reason why I think we can beat the Heat in the playoffs. Let's sum up what we've got now.

Based on first impressions, and they are extremely unlikely to change, Bass is a brilliant player. I don't think his game needs much improvement (pay attention to MUCH - didn't say none) but I'm not here to submit every player to the most detailed scrutiny.

Wilcox is a keeper, and he'll start showing us what he's got real soon as the glimpses of it could have been seen in the last 3-4 games.

Pavlovic is a defender who can drain any shot. But I love his defensive talent. He seems to be happy with irritating the opponents. Happier than hitting a three.

Dooling and Daniels are amazing. No more praise necessary, it's a clear case of who and what they are.

That team dealt with Heat's starting five for about a few minutes and went on a 10-2 run with some of Rondo's help. KG is himself, and he's never getting old. Forget his bad moves, if he had any at all, everyone has bad moves. Forget his age, his first shot of the game, the beautiful spin+fadeaway is something we haven't seen all last season. It just means he's still the amazing KG. Rondo took a three without a single doubt in his mind and went to the free throw line not caring about missing. End of discussion on Rondo. Forever. As for Ray, Mr Jeff Clark, why are his points a bullet? Why is it a surprise he hits threes? Who doubted his ability to keep us in the games when we need him? Is that not the whole point of The Big Three? Do you know no better than ESPN commentators? I think Ray would be offended knowing that scoring 18 points in a half is a highlight to you and any Celtics fan.

We all know that the multiple turnovers were caused by the fact Pierce wasn't there. Most of them actually did go on because it's Pierce who takes the ball when no one else is in a position to score. Rondo dealt with huge pressure tonight and has done it amazingly well actually. We also all know what Jermaine can give us. We know we are the top 4 team in the East. I want to lose to the Heat and the Knicks in all games this regular season because of the best possible reason: Let Doc see as many flaws in the team's play as possible, our second team will win at least 50% of the games anyway. We all know what a genius coach he is and how he can easily fix any flaws and mistakes.

The team scored over 50 points in a half in 2 games in a row. We have become a scoring team, ladies and gentleman. Something neither Chicago or Orlando can deal with. Forget their defense, we beat them with a lot worse offense. Which leaves me to say the chances on winning the Eastern Conference Championship is on our side. Here are the simplest reasons:

New York and Miami have been weighed and measured. This is all they can do. Give the ball to Melo/Amar'e/Wade/LeBron. That is it. The other options are nothing, pure luck and relying on refs with whom we've dealt for about 40 years. The Knicks set screens, the Heat run. The Knicks make mistakes, the Heat chucks. Wade has become LeBron's clone, he chucks when pressured, when the lead is getting chopped and when they're losing. And Celtics can keep up with the Heat's scoring easily, as proven tonight. No one has ever played against such a team before, never in the history of basketball. And Doc knows the main thing needed is exclusion of risky passes. That - is - it. Let them run when they can but we have two teams that can keep up with their scoring now.

Our second unit is amazing. I'm overwhelmed by the fact we actually have a second unit after 3 or 4 years. It doesn't take rocket science to beat the Heat, it takes team play and Doc. Same stands for the Knicks, Chicago and Orlando. And as it would seem, this year the winner of the Eastern Conference gets to hoist the flag in 10 months from now. All the pieces are there; Doc, do your magic.

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