Boston/Utah Jermaine for Milisap

Very obvious watching the celtics that they are in need of some help right now...getting pierce and pietrus back will certainly help a little bit.. however, jermaine o'neal is absolutely horrible, and as long as he is playing big minutes we have no chance.. also, doc specifically said he wanted to stock up on power would be preferable to trade for a center, but there don't seem to be any available in the celts price range..milisap is somewhat similar to david west, in size and production per 48...I believed that when we were about to get west, and having green in the fold that the celts were still in the mix as title contenders... pietrus and milsap are slight drop offs at each position, but give them some needed depth...

I propose trade of Jermaine O'neal and Celtics 2 2012 first round picks for Paul Milisap of the Jazz... Jermaine O'Neal would be an expiring contract and save the jazz $7 mill on the cap next year..they are in a full rebuild mode in utah.. o'neal would also likely retire, giving the trade extra financial benefit.. on the court, the jazz have a full frontcourt, and milisap is taking minutes away from favors who needs to develop.. they would still have frontcourt mix of jefferson, kanters and favors after the trade..most importantly, the jazz would have 4 first round picks in a loaded draft.. they could package a couple picks with jefferson's then expiring contract for a player.. they already have a good mix of young talent, and this would help to potentially add to it.. if they had any interest in avery bradley I would not hesitate to include him as well, but doubt they do since he doesn't belong in the nba..

for the celtics, the draft picks are both going to be beyond the lottery range, likely both in the 16-25, difficult to get the type of talent upgrade they need for a rebuilding process and also unlikely to get player better than milisap who is only 26 and under contract next year at reasonable money...

after trade, celts depth chart is

Rondo/Dooling /Moore

Allen/ Daniels / Bradley

Pierce/ Pietrus Pavlovic

Milisap/ Bass /Johnson

Garnett/ Wilcox / Steisma

obviously garnett is moved to the center position, but this may not be the worst thing as he is clearly a step slower and may have an easier time guarding centers at this point.. plus, there are not many good big centers in the league anyway..

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